Present indefinite Tense in Hindi, Examples,

The simple present tense is used for habits and routines, permanent situations, states, facts, etc. The simple present tense is also called the present Indefinite tense. In this lesson, you will learn about its uses, structure, definition, example sentences, and helping verbs. Present indefinite Tense pdf Simple Present Tense Structure Affirmative sentences: Sub + Verb+ … Read more

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future continuous tense

We use the Future perfect continuous tense to talk about long action before some point in the future. Future Perfect continuous is also named Future Perfect Progressive tense For example I will have been .teaching in this College for three years next week. Future perfect continuous tense formula and examples: Positive/ affirmative Example sentences: Structure: … Read more

Future perfect tense, examples, formula, definition

Future perfect tense is used to express an activity that will be completed by another time. This tense is formed with “will have”. For Example: We will have eaten all the food by the time he arrives. I will have woken up by 6 a.m Formula/ structure of Future perfect  tense: Positive sentences: Sub+ will+have+verb … Read more

Future simple tense, future will and going to

Future simple tense

Future simple tense is used to describe an action in the future.Future simple tense is also called Future Indefinite tense.  Simple future tense structure/ formula: Affirmative sentences: subject+ will+ verb 1 Long form   Short form He will visit Dubai.She will write.We will go.You will  learn.It will play.They will go. I ‘ll visit.We ‘ll helpYou ‘ll … Read more

Past Progressive / Continuous Tense

Past continuous tense

The Past progressive /continuous tense describes the actions continue in the pas. In this article, we’ll tell you when to use and form the Past Progressive or Past Continuous tense, and what signal words you can use to better understand the tense. Usage of Past Progressive tense: The Past Continuous tense can be used in … Read more

Past Simple tense (Indefinite)

Past Simple tense

Past Simple tense is also called past indefinite tense, used for the actions started in the past and is already completed. For example, past Indefinite tense is used to tell stories. In this article, we’ll explain how sentences are formed in Past indefinite tense.  Uses of Simple Past Indefinite Tense: There are basically three ways … Read more

Past Perfect Tense

Past perfect Tense

Past perfect tense expresses actions that occurred before a time in the past. Here you will learn when to use the Past Perfect tense. Signal words will serve as an indication of them. Formation of the Past Perfect Tense The Past Perfect is formed from had and the Past Participle , ie the infinitive (basic form of a verb) and the … Read more

Present Progressive/ Continuous Tense

Present continuous/ progressive tense

The Present Progressive or Present Continuous tense describes the actions happening in the present moment. the Present Progressive is used to express actions that take place at the time of speaking. Present Progressive Tense uses: Present Progressive tense can be used for different situations. The action takes place at this moment I am going to … Read more