Future perfect tense, examples, formula, definition

Future perfect tense is used to express an activity that will be completed by another time.

This tense is formed with “will have”.

For Example:

We will have eaten all the food by the time he arrives.
I will have woken up by 6 a.m

Formula/ structure of Future perfect  tense:

Positive sentences:

Sub+ will+have+verb 3rd form

  • I will have finished my work.
  • We will have won the match.
  • You will have completed your task.
  • He will have visited  UK.
  • She will have
  • They will have arrived.

Short form examples:

  • I’ll have completed my mission.
  • You’ll have finished your home work.
  • She’ll have arrived home.
  • He’ll joined the college.

Negative Sentences:

Sub+will+not+ have+ verb 3rd form

  • I will not have completed our task.
  • We will not have finished our work.
  • You will not have met your brother.
  • He will not have arrived.
  • She will not have cooked the meal.
  • It will not have visited Islamabad.
  • They will not have won the match.

Short form Examples:

  • I won’t have completed my task.
  • He won’t have driven the new car.
  • She won’t have studied the English grammar.
  • You won’t have arrived office.

Question Form examples:

  • will I have completed my  task.
  • will we have started our new business?
  • will you have finished your work?
  • will he have reached home?
  • will she have got married?
  • will they have joined office again?

 “WH” Type questions:

  • When will she have arrived?
  • Why will we have met doctor?
  • Why will it have got stopped working?
  • How will we have finished our task?


#1. Used for finished actions before a point in future.
She will have finished her task by the two o’clock.

#2. To express convictions:
The brother will have reached airport.

#3. For actions completed before another action:
He will have finished his work before leaving the office.

Future Perfect tense infographic:

Future perfect Tense
Future perfect Tense

Future Perfect Tense Exercise:

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