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Future Perfect Continuous Tense

We use the Future perfect continuous tense to talk about long action before some point in the future. Future Perfect continuous is also named Future Perfect Progressive tense

For example I will have been .teaching in this College for three years next week.

Future perfect continuous tense formula and examples:

Positive/ affirmative Example sentences:

Structure: Sub+will have been+(verb+ing)+ Object

  • will have been Studying.
  • We will have been working
  • You will have been working
  • He will have been working
  • She will have been working
  • It will have been working

Positive sentences short form examples:

  • I’ll have been visiting to UK.
  • We’ll have been playing.
  • You’ll have been writing.
  • He’ll have been driving.
  • She’ll have been cooking meal.
  • It’ll have been raining.
  • They’ll have been studying in UK.

Negative sentences examples:

Sub+will+not+ have been+verb(ing)

  • I will not have been cooking.
  • We will not have been playing.
  • You will not have been driving.
  • He will not have been studying.
  • She will not have been washing.
  • It will not have been raining.
  • They will not have been taking the class.

Negative sentences short form examples:

  • I won’t have been studying.
  • We won’t have been playing.
  • You won’t have been smoking.
  • He won’t have been typing.
  • She won’t have been dressing.
  • It won’t have been snowing.
  • They won’t have been working.

Interrogative sentences examples:

Formula: Will+sub+have been+ Verb(ing)

  • Will I have been studying?
  • Will we have been talking?
  • Will you have been driving?
  • Will he have been learning?
  • Will she have been cooking?
  • Will It have been rain?
  • Will they have been playing?

Future Perfect sentences with “wh”Questions

  • What will she have been doing?
  • Where will he have been visiting?
  • When will they have been studying?
  • How long will it have been snowing?

Future Perfect continuous Tense infographic.

Future perfect  progressive continuous tense

Future Perfect continuous Tense Exercise:

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Will you ______ to the concert before I come?
Abrar will ________ us at the meeting before you reach.
I should ______ the plants every day; I hope they won’t die.
He will not ________ for four hours by midnight.
They will________ in Paris for five years.
She will not ________ songs for two hours.
They _______ essays for two hours.
Will the doctor ______ patients for five years.
Will the Kid _______ since 10 PM.
He will not _______ since noon, so he will need a rest.
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
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