Reflexive Pronouns; 10 Easy Examples

Definition: Reflexive pronouns are used when the subject of the sentence and the object of the verb are one and the same. For instance; Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves, yourselves, or oneself.  These pronouns allow you to substitute himself or herself instead of saying him or her again and again. What is an indefinite … Read more

What is an indefinite pronoun? | Examples & List

What is an indefinite pronoun? There are some main types of pronouns one of them is the indefinite pronoun. In this topic, we discuss What is an indefinite pronoun? Its example and list of some important indefinite pronouns. Definition: An indefinite pronoun is a type of pronoun that does not refer to any specific person or thing. It refers … Read more

Delicious Tropical Fruits Names | Types & 40 Fruits Names

Here in this topic, we discuss Tropical Fruits Names with their useful types and also the list of 100 tropical fruits names. Tropical fruits are the most common type of fruit. Tropical Fruits: Tropical fruits are those fruits that are grown in warm and sunny climates. Tropical fruits are great because they’re grown in warm, sunny climates … Read more

Fruits Names in English | 73+ delicious fruits List with Pictures

Here in this topic, we learn about Fruits Names in English with their types and a complete list of fruit names with pictures. Definition:  Fruit is the sweet, fleshy product of a flowering plant, grown in temperate and tropical climates across the world. Fruits names in English infographic  Botanically, fruit is the ripened ovary of an angiosperm plant, but when consumed … Read more

Flower Names | Useful Types and List with Pictures

Here in this topic, Flower Names, we learn that Flowers are one of the most colorful and vibrant parts of life, and also we learn the names of beautiful flowers and their categories. We are going to publish flower names infographic and a list of common flower names with pictures. Flower Names infographic Flower Names: A … Read more

Vegetable Names in English | 8 useful types & List with Pictures

Definition: A Vegetable is an edible plant or part of such a plant (excluding fruits). We are publishing a vegetable names list with pictures It may be served cooked, as a salad or cooked dish, or as a cooked accompaniment to another food item. Vegetables can be eaten either raw or cooked and can be eaten raw … Read more

Five Fingers name in English | Interesting about Fingers

In humans, there are five fingers on each hand. 5 fingers name is the Little finger, Ring finger, Middle finger, Index finger, and Thumb. These fingers have their own names in different languages.We often don’t realize the number of things our fingers do for us each day. Whether it’s typing on our computer, texting on … Read more

Same sound words | Homophone

Homophone or same sound words that have the same pronunciation,  but different in spelling and same in pronunciation. These words are also different in meaning.The word homophone has two parts one is Homo and the second is a phone. Homo means same and the phone mean to sound so the word homophone means those word that is … Read more