English language course Free, learn English speaking

Start learning  English language course here  with Urdu text. There are 40 basic English lessons۔ The sentences used in the English dialect are simplified۔ Basic English grammar, that is essential for correct speaking, have been included in the lessons.

List of  English language Course lessons 1 to 40

  1. How to start a conversation Lesson 1
  2. Basic information in English Lesson 2
  3. Good manners in English lesson 3
  4. Polite Expression in English lesson 4
  5. Parts of speech, basic grammar lesson 5
  6. Past tense used in conversation lesson 6
  7. Future tense used in conversation lesson 7
  8. Present tense used in conversation lesson 8
  9. Uses of Can , could, may, might, would , should, ought to lesson 9
  10. Vowels andView Page consonants lesson 10
  11. Order and request sentences, lesson 11
  12. Role of vowels in English pronunciation, lesson 12
  13. Silent letters a to z, lesson 13
  14. Consonants, lesson 14
  15. Have got/ Has got/ prepositions, 15
  16. Use of what, who, how, 16
  17. Uses of when, where, which, why, lesson 17
  18. Interrogative sentences, lesson 18
  19. Negative sentences, lesson 19
  20. Use of how long, how much, how many, lesson 20
  21. Use of same as, as long as, so, too, lesson 21
  22. Basic English grammar, lesson 22
  23. Prepositions, lesson 23
  24. Co Relative Sentences, lesson 24
  25. Prepositions rules and example lessons, lesson 25
  26. Direct and indirect, lesson 26
  27. Active and passive voice, lesson 27
  28. Transformation of sentences, lesson 28
  29. Countable and uncountable noun, lesson 29
  30. Miscellaneous simple sentences, lesson 30
  31. Invitation, meeting and parting, gratitude, lesson 31
  32. Refusal, believing and request sentences, lesson 31
  33. Talking about meal, lesson 32
  34. Conversation about time and permission, lesson 33
  35. Instruction and order sentences, lesson 34
  36. Shopping Conversation, lesson 35
  37. Encouragement, consolation and Annoyances, lesson 36
  38. Negative,  Consent, sadness, lesson 38
  39. Quarrel discussion, lesson 39
  40. At home, lesson 40

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As you know the most important language skill is Speaking.  This  English language course is designed for Urdu speaking learners, who are ambitious to learn English language and want to speak  fluently and confidently. Our teachers are preparing English learning tutorials  video lessons with Urdu help. Learn daily lessons and try to memorize important conversational phrases.  Note: With out practice speaking English is merely a dream, for this purpose we have arrange online chat room on Paltalk, where you will learn and communicate with other learners around the world.