Interjections, definition, types, and examples of Interjections

Definition of interjection: The interjection is that part of speech that shows the emotions. It has a sign of exclamation. Interjection has not any grammatical function in a sentence. It has no serious relationship with the other part of a sentence. In spoken English interjections are those words we instantly use to show emotions. Some … Read more

Conjunction | Types with example sentences

Definition of conjunction: A conjunction is used for joining the clauses, phrases, and words together for making sentences. Simply we can say that conjunction makes a link among the words or the other part of sentences. Example: In the above sentences, all the underlined words are conjunction. Types of conjunction: Coordinating conjunction: The coordinate conjunction … Read more

Prepositions definition, types, and examples

Definition of preposition:Here is an easy prepositions definition with examples: A preposition is a word that shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun with the other words of the sentence. A preposition explains the relationship of the object with the other words.Example: In the above sentences, the underline word creates a relation so … Read more

Plural Nouns rules, examples

What is a plural noun?A singular noun is the name of one thing, person, place, or idea. Plural nouns are the name of more than one person, place, or thing, or idea. Formation of Plural Nouns Usually, the plural form by adding ‘ S’. Examples: apple – apple sflower – flower sshop – shop s If a word ends … Read more

Phrases in English, phrases examples, and types

DEFINITION OF PHRASE:                                                                                                                              The Phrase is the group of letters. This has no finite verb. It helps to make sentences in meaning full form. For instance, I saw a person within the street. During this (in the street) Is a phrase. TYPES OF PHRASE: NOUN PHRASE: The phrase that acts sort of a noun in … Read more

Future perfect tense, examples, formula, definition

The future perfect tense is used to express an activity that will be completed by another time. Here you will learn about the future perfect tense formula and uses with examples. This tense is formed with “will have”. For Example: We will have eaten all the food by the time he arrives.I will have woken up by 6 … Read more

Future Continuous tense, examples and exercise

Future continuous tense is also called Future progressive tense. It is used to express the continuous actions happen in the future in a particular time. Future continuous is used for the activity continues from one time to another. For Example: I will be eating dinner from Six o’clock to 6:30. Note: I’m talking about the … Read more

Common nouns and Proper nouns

For describing the difference between the common noun and proper noun we should understand that what is a common noun and what is a proper noun. After understanding both then we can make a comparison between them. Common noun: The name of a person place thing or idea is called a noun. The noun is … Read more

Difference between Adverb and Adjective

For describing the difference between adverb and adjective we should know about adverb and adjective. Definition of Adverb: The adverb is a word or a group of words that qualifies the verb and adjective and also other adverbs. Adverb normally indicates the degree and the quality of an action. Adverb shows us how, when, and … Read more