Present indefinite Tense in Hindi, Examples,

The simple present tense is used for habits and routines, permanent situations, states, facts, etc. The simple present tense is also called the present Indefinite tense. In this lesson, you will learn about its uses, structure, definition, example sentences, and helping verbs. Present indefinite Tense pdf Simple Present Tense Structure Affirmative sentences: Sub + Verb+ … Read more

Basic English grammar with pdf

Structure of Sentence Positive sentences The basic word order in affirmative sentences in English is subject-predicate-object. Example: I play football. The objects we distinguish between an indirect object (indirect object – whom or what) and a direct object (accusative-who or what). Download Basic English grammar pdf For the position of the location and time, there … Read more

Tenses in English Grammar with Examples

There are three stages: the past (past), present (present), and tomorrow (future). Each time step consists of different tenses. The verbs in the English tenses are not inflected. The exception is the 3 Person singular in the present tense. There are three main types of sentences and each has four further types: On the following page, … Read more

Compound complex sentence examples

In this article we discuss Compound complex sentence examples, butbefore starting the topic we need to understand compound-complex sentence definitions and examples What is a Compound complex sentence? The compound-complex sentence is a type of sentence that consists of at least two independent clauses and one dependent clause.In simple words, we can say that when two or more … Read more

Conjunction | Types with example sentences

Definition of conjunction: A conjunction is used for joining the clauses, phrases, and words together for making sentences. Simply we can say that conjunction makes a link among the words or the other part of sentences. Example: In the above sentences, all the underlined words are conjunction. Types of conjunction: Coordinating conjunction: The coordinate conjunction … Read more

Prepositions definition, types, and examples

Definition of preposition:Here is an easy prepositions definition with examples: A preposition is a word that shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun with the other words of the sentence. A preposition explains the relationship of the object with the other words.Example: In the above sentences, the underline word creates a relation so … Read more

Plural Nouns rules, examples

What is a plural noun?A singular noun is the name of one thing, person, place, or idea. Plural nouns are the name of more than one person, place, or thing, or idea. Formation of Plural Nouns Usually, the plural form by adding ‘ S’. Examples: apple – apple sflower – flower sshop – shop s If a word ends … Read more

Phrases in English, phrases examples, and types

DEFINITION OF PHRASE:                                                                                                                              The Phrase is the group of letters. This has no finite verb. It helps to make sentences in meaning full form. For instance, I saw a person within the street. During this (in the street) Is a phrase. TYPES OF PHRASE: NOUN PHRASE: The phrase that acts sort of a noun in … Read more