Past Tense used in Conversation, English speaking lesson 6

In this lesson you will learn about  how we use past tense in conversaation

Past Indefinite Did

Teacher: Did you get up early yesterday? 
Neha: Yes madam, I did.
Teacher: Did you have bread and butter?
Neha: Yes madam, I did.
Teacher: Did Rozi come to you at noon?
Neha: No, she didn’t.
Teacher: Did you write this essay at night?
Neha: No, I didn’t, my brother did.
Teacher: Did you make your bed before coming to school?
Neha: Yes madam, /did.
Teacher: Did you learn your lesson yesterday?
Neha : No, I didn’t.

past2Past Continuous

Teacher: Were you out for shopping yesterday?
Rafeeque: Yes sir, I was.
Teacher: Were you not reading a book while walking?
Rafeeque: Yes sir, I was.
Teacher: Was Rubina also reading while walking?
Rafeeque: No, she was just listening.
Teacher: Was your aunt singing at your house?
Rafeeque: No, it was my sister.
Teacher: Were you studying English?
Rafeeque: Yes, I was.

Past Perfect tense

Kamal: Had you not gone to cinema?
Jamal: No, I had not.
Rama: Had he closed the shop?
Rani: Yes, he had.
Ram: Had he not met you till yesterday?
Shyam: No. he hadn’t.
Raman: Had you not gone to play yesterday?
Sudhir: No, I hadnot.
Sachin: Had you met Rohit anywhere before?
Anuj: Yes, I had met him in Shimla two years ago.
Neeraj:Had the train left before you reached the station?
Saurabh: Yes, it had
Seema: Had your mother gone to market before you reached home?
Meera: No, she hadn’t.

past4Past Perfect Continuous
Had been

Nafis: Had you been studying for last two hours yesterday?
Raqueeb: Yes, because I had been planning to see a film after finishing my work.
Nafis: But, why had Ramu also been studying with you?
Raqueeb: Because, he had also been insisting on going with me for the film.
Nafis: But, your mother was saying that you had been planning to go out with some friends.
Raqueeb: Yes, previously we had been    planning something of the sort,but later we changed our program.