At Home, Lesson 40

At Home گھر میں Look, make the bed over here. The milk has turned sour. Let me tether the cow. Keep the room clean/dusted. The coals were burnt to ashes. How many children do you have? We cook potatoes everyday for our meals. What new dishes are made today? When did the washer man last … Read more

English speaking lesson 39

Quarrel جھگڑا Why are you losing your temper? Beware, don’t utter it again! You are very short-tempered. He has got on my nerves. Come what may! What harm/wrong have I done to you? You’ll have to mend your ways. Why do you quarrel with him unnecessarily? Don’t get worked up/excited. Now settle the matter somehow. … Read more

English speaking lesson 38

 Negative نفی / انکاریہ I can’t accept what you say. I know nothing in this connection. Don’t do such a mischief again. It’s not so/like that. He couldn’t manage to get leave. I have no complaints./I don’t have  any complaint. It’s impossible/lt can’t be so. No, I couldn’t go I don’t know. I don’t want … Read more

Encouragement in English | lesson 37

Conversation based on Encouragement Encouragement حوصلہ افزائی Rest assured. Stop worrying. Don’t cry like children. What’s bothering you? Don’t worry about me. Don’t be scared There is no need to worry, I’m not bothered about it. You can ask me if there is any difficulty. Take whatever you need. You are unnecessarily worried. I’m proud … Read more

Giving instructions in English | lesson 35

In this lesson you will learn about giving instructions in English. (A) Instruction/Order Sentences Do your work. See him off at the station. Speak the truth, don’t lie. Try this coat on. Work wholeheartedly. Don’t drink. Fetch/get me a glass of fresh water. Talk politely./Be polite. Reply by return post. Check the accounts. Sip the … Read more

Talking about Food | lesson 33

Talking about Food | Beginner English Example sentences about Food I am feeling hungry. What will you like to eat? Which pickles do you have? Have you had your breakfast? Not yet, Rubina. Prepare/make the breakfast. Let’s have breakfast together. Just taste it. No, I have to attend a party. What sweet dishes do you … Read more

 Refusal and Request | lesson 32

Polite ways to refuse some one: Refusal  I won’t be able to come. I won’t be able to do as you wish. I don’t want to come. I’m sorry to refuse. They won’t agree to this. It’s not possible. I regret, I can’t accept this proposal. You don’t agree with me, do you? It can’t … Read more

English speaking lesson 31

  Invitation  Come in please. Please have something cold. Will you please come over here? Come for a walk please/Let’s have a stroll. Would you like to come with us to the cinema? Will you spend the whole day with us? I’ll be glad/pleased to do so. Let’s go by bus. May I dance with … Read more