How to Start a Conversation with a Girl | Lesson 2

Start a conversation with a Girl

Basic information:

But the conversation is not only the greetings. When we meet up with friends, we want to share some information. We often ask what happens to our friends. The British and Americans often meet their friends on the street and talk about their life situations. After greetings, we should start our conversation in the following way:

The best way to greet someone you have never met before:

“Hi, my name is Ali, it’s nice to meet you.
If someone greets you first, you should reply:
“I’m glad to meet you., I’m Ali.”

How are you? Hey, how’s it going? 

Then you have several options to respond:

For example

I’m quite good – I’m pretty good.
I’m not quite very well

I’m good, I’m all right, I’m OK, I’m fine.

If something does not go our way, we can respond:
I’m not very well. I’m not so good.
Of course, we can also use short forms like:  Good, All right, OK, Fine, Not very well.

If our current living situation is “average”, we can say: “Quiet”

Native speakers mostly ask the “How are you?” questions in quite different ways. “What’s up?” is more common instead of “How are you?“,  they are actually asking about their current situations,  if someone asks you “What’s up?” you should reply “Not much “orNothing much”. If you are free and ready to talk.
Native speakers also use “What’s up?” when they are actually greeting someone, Hello “or “Hi” you can reply in the same way.

Now you can ask more questions:

Where are you from?
Where do you come from?
Where do you live? 

And the answer is:
I’m from Pakistan…….
I live in … – I live … 

At the end of the conversation, we can say thanks. We can also say It was nice to meet you. When we thank, we say:
Thank you  Or Thanks

If you say it was nice to know someone, you can say:
Nice to meet you – Nice to see you
If someone thanked us for the meeting, then we can respond:
Nice to meet you too

We may also use the first name, for example:
Nice to meet you Akmal.
Nice to meet you too Aiama.

Typical conversation in practice 🙂 – speaking to people

Ahmed: Hello!
Ines: Hi!
Ahmed: My name is Ahmed. What is your name?
Ines: My name is Ines.
Ahmed: I’m from Pakistan. Where are you from?
Ines: I’m from Pakistan too!
Ahmed: I live in Karachi. Where do you live?
Ines: I live in Abbottabad.
Ahmed: Nice to meet you.
Ines: Nice to meet you too!
Ahmed: Goodbye!
Ines: Bye!

Common Exclamations Used in Conversation:

The answers are fast reactions or responses to someone for something else. Thus, exclamation, but the answers do not necessarily reflect the strong emotional reactions to switch the exclamation.

Exclamations are used in short answers during the discussion, as we use is our mother language to continue the flow of conversation.
Remember these Exclamations do not mean strong feelings.   Here are some examples of Exclamations in conversation.

Come on! How about that!  Hah! Really? 
 And how!   Get out of here!  I’ll say! No way!
No kidding! Oh, puh-lees!  Yeah, right. Tell me about it.
That’s amazing!   No fooling?    


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