Polite expressions in English| English speaking lesson 4

There are different polite expressions used in  English language, Here we are going to discuss some most used words.

There are certain words and expression used in English language to speak politely. Native speakers love polite expressions. Read the following words and sentences carefully. If some one uses the following words and expression in his language, it is the sign of his politeness. Everyone like courteous conversation, so we must be courteous in conversation .

1: Thanks 2: As you please 3:Sir/ Madam
4: As you like 5: Sorry 6: Happily
7: Oblige 8:Regret 9: May

Use of Oblige:

polite-expressions by khurshid-akhtar-5

If some service is done to you or you do some service to some one, the normal expression of courtesy is that either you or some one other person express his thanks by saying “I am obliged to you” are the following example are helpful to you.

  1. Mr. Gulzar, I will do this work for you.
  2. Mr. Ahmad I shall feel obliged to you.

 Use of Regret :

This is an indication that something yon can not do and also that some action can not be taken and refusal for that can be expressed courteously in the following way:

  1. Aqeel! Shakeel, will you some breakfast.
  2. Shakeel! Regret, not possible now.

As you like, As you please :

This form express the will of person and it expresses good gesture in all field of life.The following examples will make the position clear:

  1. Akram! Kareem, Shall I join orient College?
  2. Kareem! As you like/ As you please.

Sir/ Madam :

The above words are commonly used when we address any person superior to us, wether a teacher, elderly person, or an officer. It is a form of salutation and is the test form of courtesy in English language ..May I  come in or May i do that, Madam?


The word ‘happily’ is also another form of courtesy where a person allows other to do particular thing  in the best manner without any objection. For instance you can do that happily.

This infographic credit goes to  www.loveenglish.org