English speaking lesson 7, Future tense examples

Future tense used in conversation

Future Indefinite tense


Gulzar: Will you play?
Anwar: No, I won’t.
Gulzar: Will you come tomorrow?
Anwar: Yes, I will.
Gulzar: Will you stay here tonight?
Anwar: No, I’ll go back.
Gulzar: Will you see Raja on Friday?
Anwar: No, ‘II wait for you at home.

Future Continuous
Shall be/Will be

Imtiyaz: Will you be in the train at this time tomorrow?
Najeeb: Yes, be about to reach Kanpur at this time tomorrow.
Imtiyaz: Shall we not be playing the match at this time tomorrow?
Najeeb: Yes, we will be.
lmtiyaz: Shall we becoming to Shimla again and again?
Najeeb: No, we won’t be.

Future Perfect
Shall have/Will have

Meena: Will she have gone?
Rajni: No, she won’t have.    
Meena: Will you have come back from Kalkata by next month?
Rajni: Yes, l’ll have come back by then.
Meena: Will you have taken your test by this time tomorrow?
Rajni: Yes, I will have finished an important chapter of my life.
Meena: Will your brother have returned from Canada?
Rajni: No, he won’t have.

Future Perfect Continuous
Shall have been/Will have been

Parvez: Will you have been sleeping at this time tomorrow?
Salik: No, probably I shall have been studying at this time.
Pervez: And, what will your brother,Rahil have been doing?
Salik: He will have been preparing to leave for Shimla.