English speaking lesson 39

Quarrel جھگڑا

  • Quarrel 1Why are you losing your temper?
  • Beware, don’t utter it again!
  • You are very short-tempered.
  • He has got on my nerves.
  • Come what may!
  • What harm/wrong have I done to you?
  • You’ll have to mend your ways.
  • Why do you quarrel with him unnecessarily?
  • Don’t get worked up/excited.
  • Now settle the matter somehow.
  • Are you in your senses?
  • Get out of my sight./Get lost.
  • How are you concerned with our affairs?
  • Don’t stretch the matter further.
  • Go to hell.
  • Let him mediate between the two
  • The quarrel is settled./The matter ends here!
  • Now be friends.

Apologies معذرت معا فی

  • Apologies 02Please don’t  this./
  • Please don’t feel bad about it.
  • I was just Joking.
  • I’m sorry, I got late
  • I was sorry/pained to hear this.
  • Excuse me, if there has been any mistake.
  • I beg your pardon.
  • Please excuse my incorrect pronunciation.
  • I’m sorry for interrupting you.
  • Sorry, I couldn’t call you.
  • Apologize on my behalf.
  • Don’t apologize. It does not matter.
  • It was merely done by mistake.
  • I am very sorry.
  • Don’t worry.
  • No harm is done.
  • I am very sorry if I have unknowingly
    It was done unknowingly.
  • I am awfully sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
  • That’s all right.

Anger غصہ

  • Anger 3You should be ashamed of yourself./Shame on you.
  • You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • You are too clever/smart.
  • You are an extremely cunning roan.
  • Shame on you.
  • You are a mean/cunning fellow.
  • I don’t want to see your face./
    Don’t show me your face again.
  • Don’t talk nonsense./Stop yapping.
  • It’s all because of you.
  • Its all your doing.
  • You can’t get away like this.
    You can’t. escape from this.
  • You don’t deserve forgiveness./
    You can never be forgiven.
  • You are responsible for this/that.