Compound complex sentence examples

In this article we discuss Compound complex sentence examples, but
before starting the topic we need to understand compound-complex sentence definitions and examples

What is a Compound complex sentence?

The compound-complex sentence is a type of sentence that consists of at least two independent clauses and one dependent clause.
In simple words, we can say that when two or more than two-sentence joined together by conjunction is called a compound-complex sentence.
Out of these sentences, one sentence must be a complex sentence. A compound-complex sentence is a compound sentence with one subordinate clause.

Compound complex sentence
compound complex sentences examples

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences infographic

compund complex sentenceexamples
Compound complex sentence in Hindi

20 Example sentences of the compound-complex sentence:

  1. I was looking for my goat all day long, but it seems like she was asleep under the table.
  2. Although I like to go hiking, I haven’t had the time to go lately, and I haven’t found anyone to go with.
  3. She paid attention. She got a silver medal in badminton and she was so happy.
  4. I will go to UAE in order to improve my Arabic.
  5. She had some mantel issues that could not be treated with drugs.
  6. If you really needed the money, you could have sold the apartment.
  7. All of us enjoyed the dinner; however, Sam did not.
  8. I learned Arabic perfectly because I studied very hard.
  9. Alex cried when his dad got sick, but he soon got better.
  10. The dog runs away, but Alex is not worried because he was trained to find his home.
  11. She didn’t get a position because she didn’t work hard enough 
  12. Because he paid attention, he got an A+ grade in the exam and was so happy.
  13. While Sara reads the novel, Ali reads comics, but Liza reads only fair tales.
  14. When you are ready, I will call the cab, and we can go together.
  15. Sara forgot her anniversary; she sent her a greeting card when she finally remembered.
  16. Sara wants cake because she is hungry but she cannot take the calories.
  17. I am a man who walks alone.
  18. After Liza eats breakfast, she goes to work or goes shopping.
  19. While Sara reads a book. She listens to the radio and eats popcorn.
  20. When the bell rang, the students run to their classes and the teacher starts the lesson.

20 Compound Sentence Examples

20 Compound complex sentences

compound complex sentences examples

So all the above sentences, are examples of compound-complex sentences.

 Components of the compound-complex sentence:

Understanding the components of compound-complex sentences is very important. It helps to differentiate the compound-complex sentence from the other types of sentences.

If we understand that component of the compound-complex sentence we can easily identify the compound-complex sentence. There are three basic components of compound-complex sentences.

Compound complex sentence examples infographic:

Compound complex sentence examples

Independent clause:

The Independent clause is the type of clause, that has its own meaning if it is used alone. It does not depend on another clause to express a thought.

Example sentence of an independent clause:

  • Sara ate pasta.
  • Ali went to the park.
  • The dog slept.
  • The doorbell rang.
  • You must work hard.

Dependent clause:

A dependent clause is the type of clause. That hasn’t its own meaning if it is used alone. It always depends on another clause to express a thought. But when it used in a sentence it gives a complete thought.

Example sentences of the dependent clause:

  • Because she was late.
  • As she must take rest.
  • He found a sea shell.
  • When the airplane lands.
  • If you work on Sunday.

So all the above sentences, are examples of the dependent clause.


The third important component of a compound-complex sentence is a conjunction. Conjunctions are the words that linked the independent clause with the other part of the sentence. Conjunction linked up the independent and dependent clauses with each other.

Most common conjunction:

Yet, because, or, so, for, but, nor.

Example sentence of using conjunction:

  • He works every day, even on Sundays.
  • He runs faster than me.
  • I visited Ali who was ill.
  • We can pass after the green light is on.
  • He cannot run very fast.

So all the above sentences, are example sentences of conjunction.

Compound complex sentence complex sentence examples

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