20 Compound Sentence Examples

Here in this topic, we learn about compound sentences with some useful Compound Sentence Examples.

Compound Sentence:

Compound sentences contain two or more independent clauses, making them longer than simple sentences.

Compound Sentence Examples infographic

Compound Sentence Examples
Compound Sentence Examples

They can make your writing easier to read and more interesting, but they’re not as easy to write as simple sentences, which contain only one independent clause.

Compound complex sentence examples

Compound Sentence Examples:

  1. I don’t like news channels, nor does my mom.
  2. She drinks black coffee, but I drink hot chocolate.
  3. He is a kind person, everyone likes him very much.
  4. We went to the hospital; however, we only went for a routine checkup.
  5. Sam was out of shampoo, so he went to the mall.
  6. I spoke to him in Arabic, but he responded in Dutch.
  7.  The black curtain in the bedroom is beautiful, but it does not match the furniture.
  8. Although Sara reads poetry books, Sam reads novels.
  9. He goes to the park, and he takes his dog.
  10. He is a very brilliant student, and he knows it.
  11. I went to Disney land yesterday, and I had a wonderful time.
  12. He is a very famous actor, yet he is very humble.
  13. He wanted to go to the beach, but I wanted to see the zoo.
  14. I spent all my salary, so I can’t go shopping.
  15. I am very thirsty, but the water cooler is empty.
  16.  I don’t want to drink water; I want to drink mango juice.
  17. My brother likes to sing; he is in a musical band.
  18. Sara came first. Therefore she got a window seat.
  19. I like to study history; therefore, I love this class.
  20. She is very talented, yet she doesn’t make use of her talent.

So all the above sentences are the best examples of compound sentences. Read more