10 Useful Complex Sentence Examples

Here in this topic, we learn about complex sentences with some useful Complex Sentence Examples

Complex Sentence:

A complex sentence contains at least one main clause and one subordinate clause, but the subordinate clause cannot stand alone as a complete sentence.

Complex Sentence Examples

 This means that you must use subordinating conjunctions (also known as dependent words).

 Such as;

  • Because
  • Although
  • Since
  • When
  • Or

 If to connect the two clauses of the sentence together into one complete thought.

Complex Sentence Examples:

  1. When Sam comes to the office, we all employees have a great time.
  2. She lives far away from town and comes to visit her brother once a month.
  3. I can join the national hockey team but my mother asked me to join her school.
  4. I use water when making cake whereas my sister uses milk.
  5. He can go weather he wants.
  6. Before I have lunch, I always have a glass of water.
  7. The doctor is very respectable to me; she has saved my friend’s life.
  8. He is very mean although his friend is very loyal to him.
  9. My sister’s job is very easy, but she is not happy.
  10. Let me know if you are satisfied with this job.

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