Useful Nonfinite Verb Examples:

In this topic, Nonfinite Verb Examples we discuss nonfinite verbs with some useful examples.

Nonfinite Verb:

The non-finite verb will tell you more about how the subject performed the action in the sentence, and it’s used in both formal and informal writing.

Nonfinite Verb Examples

The non-finite verb is one of the eight verb forms, and it’s essentially an action that can be used as an adjective or adverb, such as fleeing or happily.

The non-finite verb is one of the trickiest parts of English grammar to master. This type of verb does not convey action on its own, and can sometimes be tricky to pick out from the rest of the sentence without looking at the context around it.

Even though non-finite verbs are often used with auxiliary verbs, this doesn’t mean that all non-finite verbs must be used with an auxiliary verb.

There are many different types of non-finite verbs including;

  • Modal auxiliaries
  • Linking verbs
  • Pure auxiliaries

Nonfinite verb Examples:

  1. Sara is looking beautiful in the red dress.
  2. Ali likes to play basketball.
  3. Singing is my passion.
  4. I love eating fruits and vegetables.
  5. He was ready to dance on stage.
  6. She ate a lot of roasted food.
  7. I saw a sleeping snake.
  8. They are ready to play cricket.
  9. She made me happy.
  10. I love to play golf.
  11. She is doing her assignment.
  12. Sam drinks a lot of water after jogging.
  13. Birds are flying in the air.
  14. The cat is sleeping in the garden.
  15. We want to eat ice cream.
  16. Sam tries to write a novel.
  17. Girls like to play with dolls.
  18. They want to play chess.
  19. Kids like to eat junk foods.
  20. I have breaking news for you.

So all the above sentences are nonfinite verb examples and all the bold letters are nonfinite verbs.

List of Nonfinite Verb:

  • Naming
  • Review
  • Singing
  • Walking
  • To open
  • To swim
  • To close
  • Ending
  • Comparing
  • Drying
  • Changing
  • To complete
  • To love
  • Greeting
  • To eliminate
  • To paint
  • To need
  • To order
  • To knock
  • To pack
  • To fry
  • To bake
  • Managing
  • Disturbing
  • To match
  • To organize
  • Dressing
  • Protecting