Past Perfect Continuous Tense(Progressive)

 Past Perfect continuous Tense is used to describe the duration of an action that began in a certain time in the past. In this lesson you will learn about the structure, uses and example sentences..

Past Perfect continuous is used for an action started and (at least) lasted until a certain time in the past.

Example: When I got to work, my friends had been waiting there for many hours.


The Past Perfect Progressive is formed as follows:

Sub + had + been + infinitive  verb + ing

Example : She had been sleeping for hours when Ali called her. 

Affirmative sentences:

  • I had been waiting for you for two hours.
  • They had been watching movie.
  • She had been taking with her friend since morning.

Negative sentences:

  • They had  not been playing.
  • We had not waiting for the teacher.
  • It had not been raining.

Interrogative sentences:

  • Had she been weeping?
  • Had the students been waiting for her teacher?
  • Had they been playing football?
Present perfect continuous tense
Present perfect continuous/ progressive tense

Present perfect continuou Exercise:

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