The 8 types of adjectives, with Easy Examples

adinserter amp Definition of the Adjective:There are many types of adjectives. An adjective is a word that tells us more about the noun or pronoun. An Adjective describes the noun or pronoun. An Adjective describes the quality, quantity, size, shape, and contents of a noun or pronoun. we are going to describe adjectives types with examples … Read more

Adjectives that start with G

adinserter amp Here in this topic, we discuss what is an adjective? And also we learn a complete list of Adjectives that start with G. Adjective: Adjectives describe nouns, so it’s important to know what makes an adjective different from other parts of speech and how to use it properly. An adjective is similar to a verb in that … Read more

Type of Verbs, definition and examples

adinserter amp The verb is the part of the sentence that expresses essence, state, action or passion, generally indicating the time and the person. Thus, when we say I read or read, we mean that it is me or they who perform the action of reading in the present moment. Similar considerations can be made … Read more

Flowers vocabulary

adinserter amp List of flowers Flower vocabulary in Urdu Aster گل نجمہ Coneflower گل پیچ ھزاری Daisy گل داؤدی Daffodil نرگس آبی Dog rose جنگلی گلاب Gardenia موگرا Jasmine جیسمین Lily سوسن Marigold گیندا Lotus کنول Narcissus نرگس Rose گلاب Sun flower سورج کا پھول Tulip گل لالہ  

Idioms examples and meaning in Urdu

adinserter amp Double-faced ( منافق ) I don’t like doubled faced people Drop-in ( ملاقات کے لیے آنا ) She dropped in to have a chat Egg on ( اکسانا ) Her mother egged her on to get a divorce from her husband. End in smoke (ناکام ہونا )All his plans ended in smoke. Face … Read more

Jobs and Occupation vocabulary English to Urdu

occupation vocabulary

adinserter amp Occupation meaning in Urdu is پیشہ ، کاروبار Vocabulary by Occupation (profession) list of occupations/ Professions Abstractor خلاصہ نگار Acrobat بازی گر Actor اداکار Archer تیر انداز Architect ماہرتعمیرات Artisan دستکار Barber نایی Blacksmith لوہار Bookbinder جلد ساز Botanist ماہر نباتات Cosmologist علم کاینات کا ماہر Cowherd چرواہا Broker دلال Butcher قصاب Butler … Read more

Demonstrative pronouns – determiners

adinserter amp Demonstrative pronouns are needed in English to differentiate or emphasize something in terms of local or temporal distances or distances. Get a quick overview of this topic now. Free exercises to improve your English skills can be found here: Practice English Demonstrative pronoun: an explanation This , these , that and those – are demonstrative determiners . You need them in English to … Read more

Adjectives & adverbs: explanation and uses

adinserter amp The difference between adjectives and adverbs in English is often difficult for Germans to understand. We give you an overview. Test your knowledge of adverbs in English with this exercise: Using adverbs Adjectives: usage 1) Adjectives describe a noun or pronoun closer. The adjective stands directly in front of the noun to which it refers … Read more

Negative Sentences explanation and uses

Negative Sentences

adinserter amp The negation of sentences with auxiliary verbs Sentences with auxiliary verbs are simply denied by putting the word not after the auxiliary verb. Example: John is very friendly. John is not very friendly. For the following auxiliary verbs, the negative is formed in this way: am, are, what, were, were Example : I was not astonished. has, have … Read more