Reciprocal verbs; Useful Example

Definition: Reciprocal verbs denotes an action that takes place between two or more entities or things. Jhon and Maria kissed.  These verbs are also known as mutual verbs or alternating verbs, and they require both parties or entities to perform an action in order for it to be considered valid. Verbs in English, types and examples Reciprocal verbs Examples Marria and I kissed … Read more

What is a Reflexive verb?| Examples Sentences

Definition:  A Reflexive verb is a type of verb in which the verb’s subject is the same as the direct object. A reflexive verb allows the subject of the sentence to both perform an action and receive that action. A reflexive verb is one in which the subject of the sentence and object of the sentence is the same. … Read more

Action verbs; Easy Examples & 250+ List

Definition of Action vers: Action verbs are used to describe the action that’s being performed by the subject of the sentence, and they’re also known as dynamic verbs or link verbs. Action verbs are one type, and they generally indicate the specific action being taken by the subject noun in the sentence. Type of Verbs, definition, … Read more

Auxiliary Verbs | Examples, and List

Auxiliary verbs are words that shows action. There are some important types of verbs auxiliary verb is one of them we discuss in this topic.   Definition: Auxiliary verbs are verbs that help make the main verb’s meaning more clear or complete. The auxiliary verb, which can also be called the helping verb, provides support to … Read more

List of Phrasal verbs| examples with phrasal verbs

In this article, we learn about useful phrasal verbs that are very common. And publishing a list of phrasal verbs. Definition : A phrasal verb is an idiomatic construction made up of two or more words, where the meaning of the whole expression cannot be determined from the meanings of the individual components. A phrasal verb consists … Read more

Interrogative pronouns | Easy Examples:

Definition: Interrogative pronouns are used to ask a question. These pronouns are who, what, which, whom and whose as well as any personal interrogative pronouns like where, when, why, how, etc are sometimes used. Interrogative pronouns are used in questions (obviously), and they are used as the subject or object of the verb that follows them in the sentence.  They usually … Read more

What is an indefinite pronoun? | Examples & List:

What is an indefinite pronoun? There are some main types of pronouns one of them is the indefinite pronoun. In this topic, we discuss What is an indefinite pronoun? Its example and list of some important indefinite pronouns. Definition: An indefinite pronoun is a type of pronoun that does not refer to any specific person or thing. It refers … Read more

Reflexive Pronoun; 10 Easy Examples

Definition: Reflexive pronouns are used when the subject of the sentence and the object of the verb are one and the same. For instance; Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves, yourselves, or oneself.  These pronouns allow you to substitute himself or herself instead of saying him or her again and again. What is a pronoun? … Read more

Personal Pronoun; 10 Easy Example Sentences

Definition: A Personal Pronoun is any pronoun that can act as the subject of a sentence, object of a verb or preposition, or modifier of an adjective or another pronoun in a sentence. A personal pronoun refers to the subject of a sentence and replaces the subject noun or nouns and pronouns. Personal pronouns include such words as I, he, … Read more