Interrogative pronouns | Easy Examples:


Interrogative pronouns are used to ask a question. These pronouns are who, what, whichwhom and whose as well as any personal interrogative pronouns like where, when, why, how, etc are sometimes used.

Interrogative pronouns

Interrogative pronouns are used in questions (obviously), and they are used as the subject or object of the verb that follows them in the sentence.

 They usually appear at the beginning of a sentence in what’s called an initial position.

 The most common interrogative pronouns include;

  • Who.
  • Whom.
  • Which.
  • Whose.
  • What.
  • Whatever.

An interrogative pronoun is a word used to ask questions and it always begins with the letter wh.

 There are 5 types of interrogative pronouns:

  • What.
  • Which.
  • Who.
  • Whom.
  • Whose

For example,

 If you want to know who won the contest, you can ask

Who won the contest?

You can also use it to ask questions without objects or subjects.

For example,

If you want to know what kind of games you like to play, you can ask

 What kind of games do you like to play?

Below are some examples and definitions of the different interrogative pronouns which will help you better understand how to use them in your writing and speaking.

What is a pronoun? types with examples

Some Useful Example Sentences:

  1. Who won the match yesterday? (Who)
  2. What is the color of his dress? (What)
  3. Which is the biggest mall in this area? (Which)
  4. Which dog stole meat from the kitchen? (Which)
  5. Whose father works as a doctor in the city hospital? (Whose)
  6. Who is he talking to? (Who)
  7. Whose phone is this? I’ve found it next to the chair. (Whose)
  8. Which sort of cakes should we bake? (Which)
  9. Which one was your bag? The black one. (Which)
  10. Where do you live in America? (Where)

So these are some important example sentences, of interrogative pronouns all letters in () are under the definition of the interrogative pronoun. More