List of Phrasal verbs| examples with phrasal verbs

In this article, we learn about useful phrasal verbs that are very common. And publishing a list of phrasal verbs.

Definition :

A phrasal verb is an idiomatic construction made up of two or more words, where the meaning of the whole expression cannot be determined from the meanings of the individual components.

phrasal verbs list

A phrasal verb consists of at least two parts, an adverb, and a verb. Phrasal verbs can be modified by other adverbs or prepositions.

 And they can sometimes be tricky to understand because the meaning of the phrasal verb changes depending on which adverb or preposition is used.

Some phrasal verbs are based on existing idioms, while others are new combinations that are only used in the specific context of phrasal verbs.

For example,

Call off, Look after, and Get over.

This type of phrasal verb adds an additional layer of meaning and allows speakers to be more expressive with their language.

In the above examples, the first word is the main verb and the second word provides additional information on how to complete the action of the verb.


  • Sit down before you fall down.
  • Hurry up
  • We’ll be late.
  • Put up
  • Shut up!

Some idioms are also phrasal verbs.

Type of Verbs, definition, and examples

Useful Phrasal Verbs list with their Meanings:

  1. readShut up! (Stop talking).
  2. Stand up! (Stand).
  3. Speed up! (Faster).
  4. Speak up! (Talk in loud voice).
  5. Sum up! (Summarizing).
  6. Turn back! (Go back).
  7. Wake up! (Awake).
  8. Move on! (Continue your life).
  9. Listen up! (Listen carefully).
  10.  Line up! (Form a line).
  11. Drink up! (Finish your drink).
  12. Fess up! (Confess).
  13. Cover up! (Put more clothes).
  14. Bend down! (Lean down).
  15. Buckle down! (Start working).
  16. Clean up! (Cleaning).
  17. Close down! (Not operating).
  18. Come back! (Return back).
  19. Chill out! (Relax).
  20. Cheer up! (Be happy).
  21. look after: means to take care of someone or something
  22. break up – ending up a relationship with someone
  23. bring up – When you raise children, you bring them up

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