Material nouns | Definition, Types Examples Sentences & List:


The Material nouns are nouns that are used for metal and the things that are made of metal or metallic elements.

It is the name of various raw materials or things that exist in nature or in our surroundings. Some material nouns are from plants and animals after the biodegradable process.

Some material nouns are formed from nature, such as gold, silver, coal, iron, copper, aluminum, rock, diamond, graphite,

Common nouns and Proper nouns

These nouns only indicate the material things, not the people and places,

Types of material nouns:

There are four different types :

From plants:

The nouns that are formed from plants


Tea, oil, fruits, food, medicine, cotton, wood, coffee, rubber, perfumes,

From Animals:

The nouns that are formed from animals.


 Milk, meat, honey, wool, egg, leather, silk, etc,    

Plural Nouns rules, examples

From Nature:

Nouns are formed from nature.


Silver, gold, diamonds, coal, rocks, sand, water, salt, rain, etc

From humans:

Things that are made by humans.


Cement, steel, glass, bricks, alcohol, acid utensil, cloth, cars, etc

Some Example sentences of material noun :

  • I bought a diamond ring for my friend.
  • The glass is on the table.
  • I need some milk for tea.
  • Please give me some paper and a pen.
  • The sack of cement is very heavy.
  • Pour some water into the glass.
  • I need some food for the kids.
  • Vitamin D is good for bones.
  • Water is a good conductor of electricity.
  • He splits the milk by mistake.
  • This plate is made of plastic.
  • She has bought two platinum rings.

List of material nouns:

  1. Wood.
  2. Iron.
  3. Gold.
  4. Diamond.
  5. Bricks.
  6. Cotton.
  7. Steel.
  8. Paper.
  9. Coal.
  10. Silver.
  11. Water.
  12. Rain.
  13. Sand.
  14. Box.
  15. Butter.
  16. Chalk.
  17. Milk.
  18. Computer.
  19. Book.
  20. Aircraft.
  21. Bulb.