Reciprocal verbs; Useful Example


Reciprocal verbs denotes an action that takes place between two or more entities or things. Jhon and Maria kissed.

Reciprocal verbs

 These verbs are also known as mutual verbs or alternating verbs, and they require both parties or entities to perform an action in order for it to be considered valid.

Verbs in English, types and examples

Reciprocal verbs Examples

Marria and I kissed each other.
We all know each other.
Juan and Maria got married (to each other).
The soldiers help each other.

A reciprocal verb, also known as two-way verb, is a verb that is characterized by the fact that it can be paired with another verb in order to mean something different from what either of the verbs individually would mean.

 More Reciprocal verbs examples:

If you ask, who wrote this book? And I respond, I wrote this book, I’m using the verb wrote in a reciprocal fashion because I am both the subject and the object of that verb—the one who performed the action and the one on whom the action was performed.

Such as;

  • He and I went to the movies together.
  • You and he are in the same science class.

In English, there are reciprocal verbs in both their active and passive forms, and they can be used with either transitive or intransitive subjects.

 For example,

If you say Joe kicked Bill and he was hurt, you can see that the sentence has both passive (he was hurt) and active (Joe kicked Bill) forms of the reciprocal verb (kick).

Some Useful Examples of Reciprocal Verbs:

  1. We see each other every day.
  2.  They usually greeted each other with a greeting card.
  3. We write a greeting card to each other.
  4. The girls are hitting each other.
  5. Sam and Sara are playing with each other.
  6. He and I went to the movies together.
  7. They always meet in the garden.
  8. He quarreled with his brother.
  9. Sam met her at University.
  10. We are looking at each other.

So these are some example sentences, of reciprocal verbs are the bold letters are the example of reciprocal verbs.more