Personal Pronoun; 10 Easy Example Sentences


Personal Pronoun is any pronoun that can act as the subject of a sentence, object of a verb or preposition, or modifier of an adjective or another pronoun in a sentence.

Personal Pronoun

personal pronoun refers to the subject of a sentence and replaces the subject noun or nouns and pronouns. Personal pronouns include such words as I, he, she, we, they, and you.

A personal pronoun is a pronoun that refers to the person speaking, the person speaking to, or an animal or thing that was spoken about.

 Personal pronouns can be classified as either subjective (I, you, he) or objective (me, you, him). Subjective pronouns are used in the subject of the sentence and an objective pronoun would be used in the object of the sentence…or something like that…

These are used to indicate which person or thing is being referred to in the main part of the sentence.

 They are sometimes called personal reference pronouns because they refer to specific persons, places, things, or ideas in a sentence.

Pronouns also help us avoid repeating the same noun over and over when referring to someone.

A personal pronoun refers to the people or things in your life, and they usually refer to a particular person (for example, he) or group of people (for example, you). Personal pronouns can also be used as the object of a verb.

What is a pronoun? types with examples

 For example,

  • I called him yesterday.

Example Sentences

  1. She plays badminton in our college.
  2.  He is working with a medical agency.
  3. They are not completing their task.
  4. She left her English book at home.
  5.  Her father is a doctor.
  6. She has done it successfully.
  7. He is weak in English.
  8. It is not your business.
  9. She is going to England for higher studies.
  10. He bathes every day, even in the winters.

So these are some useful example sentences, of personal nouns I highlight all the personal pronouns. Read more