Improve your English reading skills

English reading skills

rrDo you break out in sweat when you have to read texts in English? Staring at a page full of foreign words, even a secure reader can unsettled. Here are five useful tips that will make reading an adventure for you.


Do not rush yourself. Before you begin, look at the title and any images. This will give you an idea about the subject. Think about what you already know about this topic. Also make clear what you expect of the text and write down any questions. Through these preparations, you can begin even before you have opened the first page.

The first impression

Now that you have an idea of ​​the topic, you can begin. Read the text completely and without interruption. Make now but still worry about the details. You just try to develop a sense of the text. This is called skimming. When you are done, think about how much you have understood.

It’s all in the details

Do you remember the questions you wrote down as the beginning? It is now time to look for the right answers. Read the text again, though slowly and carefully. Search for words or phrases that relate to your questions. This is called scanning. If you find other interesting or important facts that you emphasize this in also. Then you should have a better understanding of the text.

Words, words, words!

You do not have to understand every word to understand the whole text. Look for keywords or phrases that you do not understand out and write on it. But Access is not equal to the dictionary! Try rather to understand the meaning from the context. Then use a dictionary and refer to if you have properly appreciated. You will definitely be surprised

Final reading

Now you should be familiar with the text. Read it one last time, you can focus on unusual aspects of grammar or sentence structure now. When you have done,  sit back and think about what you have just learned. Was not so difficult, right?