Professional CV writing skill

cvIn today’s ever changing job market, a well written, effective resume is an excellent tool to search for desirable jobs. Here are some tips for writing professional resume.


Marital status: Personal Details

The content of the section concerning the civil status of candidates is not clearly defined. Mandatory information in the CV translation in English are:

  • Name: Name and First name
  • Postal address: Address
  • Phone: Phone number
  • Date of Birth: Date of birth

You can complete these data, if you wish, indicating your nationality or marital status.

  • For a CV template in English for the United States, simply provide the most basic information. Indeed, Americans have become accustomed to enter only information indiscriminate in their resume writing.

Professional goals: Career Objective

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This section is most important, along with your “Personal Details”, it allows you to articulate your professional recruiters expectations. You can indicate the position you are targeting, the skills you want to use or responsibilities that you would like you are assigned.

Work experience: Work Experience

As for the CV writing, it is recommended to expose your professional experiences anti chronologically: the most recent to the oldest post. As for the details of these, you must choose a clear and concise expression. Highlight the tasks performed using action verbs and specifically encrypting the data that you specify.

Training: Education

Present the training you have followed anti chronologically as well. You can distinguish your initial training (Education) of your training (Training). Be specific about the details of your training as the English common practice for recruiters to check the sources. If you have not complete your training course, play fair play and indicate in your CV, you have then need to write the level of this training course.

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Specific skills: Special Skills

This section will allow you to showcase your skills. Indicate precisely your language and computer skills.

  • In terms of computing, just list the name of the computer programs you use.

Any other jurisdiction asset for your application should be referred to in this section of the CV.

Activities and Recreation: Activities

Write your extra curriculum activities. Recruiters will use this information to identify your qualities. Freely express your passions and sports and / or creative activities. This can be beneficial to your application.

References: References

Accuracy of references is mandatory. So you need to provide the names and contact information of at least two people who can attest to your skills and professional qualities. Relatives and family members can not be mentioned. If you do not wish to provide contact information for these people in your CV in English, however you can enter this information upon request (‘references available upon request’).

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