Idioms in Urdu

adinserter amp Get into hot water مشکل میں پھنس جانا If you don’t avoid bad company, you will soon get into hot water Give someone the cold shoulder سرد مہری سے پیش آنا The selfish friend gave him the cold shoulder when he needed help. Hand in glove دوستی Atif and Tahir are handed in … Read more

Idioms examples and meaning in Urdu

adinserter amp Double-faced ( منافق ) I don’t like doubled faced people Drop-in ( ملاقات کے لیے آنا ) She dropped in to have a chat Egg on ( اکسانا ) Her mother egged her on to get a divorce from her husband. End in smoke (ناکام ہونا )All his plans ended in smoke. Face … Read more

Idioms in English

adinserter amp Idioms محاورے Practice makes a man perfect. Nowadays your bread is buttered. He is a jolly fellow. They exchanged hot words. It appears he is off his wits. We are poles apart. I praised him to the skies. Let bygones be bygones, take care in future. Pack up your bag and baggage. You … Read more

Proverbs in English

adinserter amp Proverbs کہاوتیں Health is wealth. As you sow, so shall you reap. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing To the good the world appears good. Where there is a will, there is a way. While in Rome do as Romans do. Barking dogs seldom bite. Give loan, enemy own. Silence is half … Read more

Poverbs with Added Wisdom

adinserter amp Honesty is the best policy. Give up the way of hypocrisy. As you so shall you reap. So there is no need to weep. Union is strength. You will surely overcome hostility at length. Self praise is no recommendation. Ypu will be known by your action. Send and God will send. Don’t be … Read more

Dog idioms in English language

adinserter amp Dog-cheap: Potatoes are dog-cheap nowadays. Dog-eared: Children have made the pages of my book on tenses dog-eared. Dog-days: We are building a new house but we have stopped it during the dog days. Dog-sleep: The clever Mirchu was only having a dog sleep. Dog-headed: Advice to such a dog-headed man…? It’s just like … Read more

Idioms in English

adinserter amp Set “A” Blow out the candles. can’t you sit still? Don’t make a noise. Hold your tongue. He last his temper. He was overjoyed. He stumbled over a stone and fell down. I am feeling sleepy. I withdraw my words. I am a bit hard of hearing. I am an eye-sore to him. … Read more

Dialy Life Idioms

adinserter amp In good time: You are now overage. You must have married in good time. For good: You are a computer engineer aspiring to get Canadian immigration. Do you want to leave Pakistan for good? Good wife: You want to leave for America.But do you think your good wife will allow you. Goody: My … Read more

Impressive Phrases in English

adinserter amp Devil my care: I’m totally fed up with this old car. I’m leaving it on the road…devil my care. Devil’s dream: Oh my God! This dust and wind …I wanna have a devil’s dream. Gone to devil: The baby toreall pages…Half book has gone to devil. Go to devil: Go to devil…I can’t … Read more

Common Phrases

adinserter amp Prayer less: May Allah forgive such prayerlee people like me. Prayer meeting: Every Friday, I attend the prayer meeting in jamia mosque. Keepsake: I’ve a very precious keepsake of my beloved. Souvenir: I like to accept and give souvenirs. Sycophant: Never tell her your secret. She is such a sycophant. Tomfool: Some people … Read more