Dog idioms in English language

Dog-cheapبہت سستا
Dog-earedکتے کے کانٹے
Dog-daysمخصوص گرمی کے دن
Dog-sleepنیند میں بہوسا
Doggedبے لگام
Cats and dogsبرسات کی بارش
Cat and dog lifeناستی گزاری
  • Dog-cheap:
    Potatoes are dog-cheap nowadays.
  • Dog-eared:
    Children have made the pages of my book
    on tenses dog-eared.
  • Dog-days:
    We are building a new house but we have stopped
    it during the dog days.
  • Dog-sleep:
    The clever Mirchu was only having a dog sleep.
  • Dog-headed:
    Advice to such a dog-headed man…? It’s just like
    casting a pear before the swine.
  • Dogged:
    He is such a dogged man…He won’t let you have
    your share.
  • Cats and dogs:
    It was raining so cats and dogs that nothing could be seen at even few yards.
  • Cat and dog life:
    How long this cat and dog life will go between India and Pakistan?