Idioms in English

Idioms محاورے

  • IDIOMS 01Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Nowadays your bread is buttered.
  • He is a jolly fellow.
  • They exchanged hot words.
  • It appears he is off his wits.
  • We are poles apart.
  • I praised him to the skies.
  • Let bygones be bygones, take care in future.
  • Pack up your bag and baggage.
  • You have given a long rope to this  boy.
  • Nowadays T.V. sets are selling like hot cakes.
  • One beats the bush,
    another takes the bird.
  • The thief was caught red-handed.
  • He is making merry/thriving these days.
  • Rizwan is on the right side of forty.
  • The shouts rent the sky.
  • The station is within a stone’s throw from my village.
  • The boy is in the good books of the principal.
  • Whom God loves die young.
  • He is an apple of my eye.
  • In this world everybody wants to grind his own axe.
  • Take the time by the forelock and success is yours.
  • Opportunists never hesitate to worship the rising sun.
  • The child is under his uncle’s care.
  • The older the goose, the harder to pluck.
  • Nizam dacoit turned over a new leaf and became a saint.