Idioms in Urdu

Get into hot water مشکل میں پھنس جانا
If you don’t avoid bad company, you will soon get into hot water
Give someone the cold shoulder سرد مہری سے پیش آنا
The selfish friend gave him the cold shoulder when he needed help.
Hand in glove دوستی
Atif and Tahir are handed
in glove with each other.
Heart and soul دل و جان سے
I will serve humanity with heart and soul.
Hue and cry چیخ و پکار
People are raising the hue and cry against inflation.
Harp on the same string ایک ہی راگ الاپنا
Stop harping on the same string and change the topic.
In a fix الجھن میں
I have lost my job and I am in a fix.
In high spirits موج میں ہونا
In spring, everybody looks to be in high spirits
In the good books of اچھی رایے میں
An intelligent student is always in the good books of his