Common Phrases

  • Common Phrases 01Prayer less:
    May Allah forgive such prayerlee people like me.
  • Prayer meeting:
    Every Friday, I attend the prayer meeting in jamia
  • Keepsake:
    I’ve a very precious keepsake of my beloved.
  • Souvenir:
    I like to accept and give souvenirs.
  • Sycophant:
    Never tell her your secret. She is such a
  • Tomfool:
    Some people are fools but I’m a Tomfool in money
  • Topsy-turvy:
    The car was lying topsy-turvy on the road.
  • Town talk:
    The war is just a town talk , not a serious danger.
  • Turnkey:
    Mr. Shahbaz is the all in all and the turnkey of this college.
  • Teetotaler:
    I’m such a teettotaller, that I hate even the smoke
    of a cigarette.
  • Tete-a-tete:
    Both Ashi and Amina were having a tete-a-tete in a corner of the college.
  • Shades of those days:
    Shades of those days of youth when we bathed in pools and canals.
  • Common Phrases 2See you later:
    Ok, buddy! see you later.
  • Shame on you:
    You are 38 and not married, Shame on
  • Look Sharp!
    Look sharp! The time ends just after 30
  • You see…
    I’ve to feed my family, support a widow and
    you see, I can hardly make both ends meet