Everyday Phrases 3

  • E Phrases3-1 Half timer:
    Due to his poverty, Saif is a half timer, works
    in the morning and studies in the
  • Have it your own way:
    I have tried my best for you, but now have it you own way.
  • Have and have-nots:
    Eid bring happiness or the haves and deprivations for
    the have-nots.
  • He-man:
    Shamsi is such a he-man that her emains upright in all circumstances.
  • Have old hand on young shoulders:
    Habib is a hard working as well as a brainy boy.
    Thus he has a old hoan on young
  • Heads I win, tails you lose:
    If I fail, I must get the whole and if I succeed, I
    should get the double, So, heads I win ,tails you
  • Keep one’s head above water:
    I have face many hardships in life, but I have always
    kept my head above water.
  • Headstrong:
    Latif is such a headstrong that he won’t listen to your request.
  • Time havings heavy:
    When somebody falls ill for many months, time havings heavy.
  • So help me God:
    So help me God, I shall return before moon.
  • E Phrases3-02Helter skelter:
    I reached the hospital helter skelter and took medicine.
  • A hen with one chicken:
    Zardari, now politically bankrupt, is trying to become a hen with one chicken.
  • High and dry:
    Before coming into politics, Imran khan was high
    and dry.
  • High-stung:
    Asghar is high-stung person, always try to shung
  • High words/hot words:
    Mirza and Qari had some high words this morning. I tried to patch up.
  • Upon my honour:
    Upon my honour, please accept not to marry that girl.
  • Hotch-potch:
    Computer learning is such a hotch-potch, MS-
    Office, Windows, MCSe, A+, C++, Java and what
  • Iconoclast:
    Mahmood Ghazanavi was popular as an
  • He is not so black as he is painted:
    Omer Shakh is not a good person but he is not as black as he is painted.
  • Palm oil:
    Most of the traffic cops have got used to palm
  • Pampered menial:
    I am not so hard with my servant but hehas become such a pampered menial that hecares for me only a little.
  • E Phrases3-3Pandora’s box:
    Let not open this pandora’s box.
  • Passman:
    I Want to top the class, not just to be a pass
  • Passee:
    Miss Rabia looks to be a passee, not a young
  • Peacockery:
    Me.Zahid likes good clothes of gay colour. He
    is very fond of peacockery.
  • Platonic Love:
    Today, only one out of thousnads believe in
    platonic love.
  • Dishing:
    Hello Aalin! Have you coocked everything? ….
    Of course! I’ve also got the dishes.
  • Diurnal:
    My diurnal activities are hectic but at night
    I’m free.
  • Nocturnal:
    In the show biz especially in film industry, the nocturnal activities of the artistes are very
  • Dizzard/dunce/blockhead:
    Ijaz is such a blockhead that he understands a
    thing at least repeated thrice.
  • Dog (v.t.)
    In the recent so-called war on terrorism, the
    British Prime Minister seemed dogging behind
  • Dotage:
    Mustafa Kjar is very fond of dotage.
  • E Phrases3-4Sugar daddy:
    Nazir Mughal is a sugar-daddy, fond of the company
    of women even at the age of 70.
  • Expletive (n):
    “Even that” is the expletive of Mr. Shafqat. He utters
    this phrase with every second sentence.
  • Facer:
    Many people look good outwardly. But inwardly, they must be big facers.
  • Filly:
    Sadaf is a quick filly. She is here at one time and there
    at another.
  • Foundling:
    Rafiq is not a real son of his parents. He was a founding, brought up by Mr. and Mrs Sharif