Everyday phrases 2

  • E phrases2-1Surprising!
  • You have lost all the money you had…
  • God has given you a victory…wha a surprise!
  • How it hurts!
  • Kashmiris being killed by Indians…how it hurts!
  • What an idiot I am!
  • I trusted a cheat like Mujahid…What an idiot
    I am!
  • Wait a minute!
  • I’m listening to you …wait a minute!
  • You are mixed up!
  • I don’t have your money…you are mixed up.
  • To my mind.
  • To my mind, this will finish soon.
  • Who is there?
  • Somebody’s knocking at the door…who’s there?
  • It’s me!
  • It’s me! Asif.
  • Right way!
  • When you will pack my luggage?…Right way!
  • Ok!
  • I”ve packed your laggage…Ok!
  • What’s the fare?
  • Let me drop at chack Ghazi…What’s the fare?
  • I do, sir/madam!
  • Do you understand what I say?…I do, Sir!
  • But why?
  • I’ll give you nothing…But why?
  • Lovely!
  • I”ve brought you a watch.Oh,lovely!
  • Let me see…
  • Let me see who’s knocking at the door.
  • E phrases2-2Do come!
  • Next month is my marriage…Please do come!
  • Exactly!
  • Are you Mrs. Abid?Exactly!
  • Quite!
  • Have you ever been to sialkot?Quite!
  • How come!
  • I think I’d pay you only twelve hundered rupees now…How come?
  • Don’t worry!
  • Would you help me? Don’t worry!
  • Bother!
  • The book “Spoken English” is cut of stock in the market…Bother!
  • I’m afraid!
  • I’m afraid your watch is a little slow, otherwise it is already five.
  • Sure!
  • Would you attend my marriage?…Sure!
  • Overe here/there?
  • Where are you?…Over here!
  • Thanks a lot/ Many thanks/
    Thank you very much!
  • Here’s your gift. Many thanks!
  • You are welcome!
  • I am visiting your residence today…You are
  • Forget it!
  • I’m sorry I was a bit late…Forget it!
  • Very well!
  • Sir, I’ve done my work…very well.
  • E phrases2-3What’s the idea?
  • You were sitting there with that girl…
    What’s the idea?
  • No mention!
  • Thank you for your gift…No mention!
  • Another helping!
  • Oh, you stopped eating…another helping!
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