Dialy Life Idioms

  • Dialy life Idioms 01In good time:
    You are now overage. You must have married in good time.
  • For good:
    You are a computer engineer aspiring to get Canadian immigration. Do you want to leave Pakistan for good?
  • Good wife:
    You want to leave for America.But do you think your good wife will allow you.
  • Goody:
    My grandmother is such a goody that she equally loves all of us.
  • Logger head:
    Shuja is such a logger head that mostly he is behind his prayers.
  • Logomachy:
    The Pakistan Information Minister Qamar Zamn Qaira has no equal in logomachy and beating about the bush.
  • Madcap:
    Bal Thakeray is such a madcap that he won’t listen to the Muslim or the government.
  • Microcosm:
    The microcosm of this long discussion is that Mr.Latif  must marry Miss Latifa.
  • Macrocosm:
    The whole macracosm of the discussion can be summed up in two words…Leave smoking.
  • Magnate:
    Pir pigara is thought to be a magnate of his community.
  • Dialy life Idioms 02Make water:
    I was feeling awful to make water but the driver did not stop the coach.
  • Make piece:
    My father Mr. Saddique was such a make peace that he always went to patch up the disputing  parties.
  • Mammon:
    Only a mammon can object to people’s acts of spending on religious activities.
  • Be your own man:
    Never try to raise personal questions to this  stranger.Please be your own man.
  • Malingerer:
    Shuja is such a malingerer that he always shirks work by making lame excuses.
  • Mare’s nest:
    With the invention of computer many things like fax, type writer etc.have been reduced to a mere mare’s nest.
  • Measure for measure:
    He abuse me and I gave him a fist…Measure for measure.
  • Happy medium:
    Neither go so fast nor very slow…but…a happy medium.
  • Speed merchant:
    All passengers were remembering Allah in full devotion as the driver was speeding dangerously around the zig zag road…That speed merchant.
  • Merry an drew:
    Sohail Ahmad is a big merry an drew, sharp at wit and powerful humor.
  • Dialy life Idioms 03Milk livered:
    Waseem Abbas, a powerful young man was looking strange playing the role of a milk-livered businessman in his last drama.
  • Milk score:
    The milk-score for the last month was 32 according to the milkman but it was 30 litre according to me.
  • Speak one’s mind:
    At last, Chattha spoke his mind clearly and told me that he wanted to marry sadaf.
  •  Mind thewire:
    Mind the wire, Lest you should get an electric shock.
  • Mind you:
    Mind you…I can’t help you, please ask some one else.
  • Mocking stock / Laughing stock:
    All was the only fat boy in the class, only to be a laughing stock.
  • Mumble news:
    Never tell your secrets to Jaffar. He is a numble news.
  • Down-train:
    If you travel from Rawalpindi to sialkot, you have to travel by a down-train.
  • Up-train:
    When you travel from east to ewest, you travel by an up-train.
  • Downstream:
    It is always easy to travel down stream than to travel upstream.
  • Dialy life Idioms 5555Upstream:
    We had to swim upstream, so, we got tired very soon.
  • Downright:
    Mr. Cheema is downright an educationist.
  • Downcast:
    Losing the game, the players are downcast now a days.
  • Downhill:
    It is easy to travel downhill as to swim downstream.
  • Uphill:
    Going uphill, we breathed so fast as if we were losing our breath.
  • Downstairs:
    As I went downstairs, I noticed somebody sleeping in the basement.
  • Upstairs:
    On basant day, we went upstairs and enjoyed the kite flying scenes.
  • Golden numbers(1 to 19):
    In the civilized world, the number from 1 to 19 are thought to be the golden numbers.
  • Golden rule:
    It is a golden rule that we must keep our promise of giving and taking.
  • Good-for-nothing:
    Shams is such a good for nothing fellow that he is aways wasting time in petty pursuits.