Idioms examples and meaning in Urdu

Double-faced ( منافق )
I don’t like doubled faced people
Drop-in ( ملاقات کے لیے آنا )
She dropped in to have a chat
Egg on ( اکسانا )
Her mother egged her on to get a divorce from her husband.
End in smoke (ناکام ہونا )
All his plans ended in smoke.
Face the music (اعمال کے نتا یج بھگتنا)
You must face the music and accept responsibility. 
Fairplay (منصفانہ طرزعمل)
I believe in Fairplay.
Fall short of (کم پڑنا)
During the journey,
he fell short of water.
Find fault with (نکتہ چینی کرنا)
Do not find fault with everything.
Feather’s one nest (پیسہ کمانا)
All politicians are feathering their nest.
First and foremost (سب سے پہلے)
He is first and foremost a poet.
Fish in troubled waters (مصیبت کو دعوت دینا )
He is trying to fish in troubled waters.
For good ( ہمیشہ کے لیے)
He left this city for good.