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Conversation on Topics

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Attending a Wedding شادی کی تقریب

  • WeddingWhen is the date for wedding?
  • Where has the barat come from?
  • Please accept this small/little gift.
  • Do you have the dowry system?
  • The wedding/party was very good.
  • Where will the beret be going?
  • I want to/would like to see the bride and groom.

On the Playground کھیل کے میدان میں

  • PlaygroundWhich teams are playing the match?
  • What games do you like?
  • Who is that player?
  • When will the match start?
  • Who won the match yesterday?
  • I want to see a cricket match today.

In the Cinema سینما میں

  • CinemaPlease give me a ticket for the balcony.
  • Which film/movie is running in this cinema hall?
  • At what time/when will the film start?
  • Who are all acting in this movie?
    What is the cast in this movie?
  • Is this a good movie?

In the Tourist Office دفتر سیاحت میں

  • Tourist officeI want a tourist guide. Where will I get one?
  • Where should I stay in Lahore?
  • Which are the worth seeing places in this city?
  • I liked Lahore a lot.
  • I would like to see/visit the Khawara cave.
  • What's the best transport to Karachi- train or bus?

 With the Doctor ڈاکٹر سے

  • DoctorI have some temperature/fever and also cough.
  • Cut down on sugar and salt.
  • Your blood pressure is normal.
  • How many times a day should I take this medicine?
  • You should keep a monthly record of your weight.
  • What all can I eat?
  • You should eat lots of green vegetables.
  • There is no consultation fee./
    We don't charge the patients anything.
  • This is a free dispensary./
    Medical care is free here/in this hospital./
  • Where should/does one go for X-ray?
    Where is the X-ray department?

In the Hotel ہوٹل میں

  • HotelIs there any room available in this hotel?
  • Please send my visitors to my room .
  • I am going out for an hour (or so).
  • What do you charge for a single/double bedroom?
  • Please send my breakfast/lunch/dinner in my room.
  • Take my baggage/luggage to room no 6 please.
  • The laundry-man hasn't come yet.
  • Was there a call for me?
  • Is there any letter for me?
  • Get me some hot/cold water.

With the servant ملازم سے

  • servantWake me up at live o'clock.
  • Are the clothes back from the laundry?
  • Get some vegetables from the market.
  • Is the food/lunch/dinner ready?
  • Go and post this letter.
  • Get the stuff/things from the Co-operative store.
  • Make me a cup of tea.

General Topics عام موضوعات

  • Genera 1Can I borrow a pen from you?
  • You cannot correct the mistakes.
  • They will study German besides English.
  • Who is taller of the two girls?
  • Most of the people would agree with it.
  • She goes to church on Sunday.
  • Will you speak to her if she comes?
  • I'll attend the meeting.
  • We will collect/get/gather more information.
  • It is very hot here in the summer.
  • The unfortunate/poor man was shot dead.
  • He resembles his mother.
  • Has the one who won the match.
  • I bought this book for three hundered rupees.
  • The murderer was caught and hanged.
  • I got/received nine hundred rupees.
  • I go for a walk in the morning.
  • I m determined to go.
  • You came home later than I.
  • I have made up my mind to send him.
  • Will you please lend me your pen for a while?
  • Karachi is farther than Lahore.
  • The meeting will start early.
  • I went to bed early last night but couldn't sleep.
  • When do you go to bed?
  • Does she keep her money in the bank?
  • It is too hot here to play hockey.
  • We hung the picture on the wall.
  • General 2His work was quite disappointing.
  • I'll be glad to get rid of hire.
  • Your coat is not like mine.
  • The number of students is decreasing.
  • Lend me a hand.
  • He will always honour his word.
  • This lawyer has many clients.
  • Silver is a precious metal.
  • This book took me one hour and a half./
  • I read this book in one and a half hour.
  • My mother gave me a good piece of advice.
  • Her wages are low.
  • Are you spying on me?
  • We will eat fish/chicken at dinner tomorrow.
  • This keyboard is not functioning well.
  • Rani has long hair.
  • I don't have enough fruit.
  • Do you want to buy two dozen bananas?
  • Many students are absent today.
  • She is a touch-roe-not.
  • Here is a sheep and there is a deer.
  • The shepherd has twenty sheep and two deer.
  • Why don't you listen to me?
  • Salma and Zanib are coming here.
  • The latter is situated by the sea.
  • This grocer has goad business.
  • Lahore and Karachi are big cities.
  • This floppy is virus-infected.
  • You have done wonders/marvels.
  • I asked her whether she was going  the market or not.


Conversation about Wise Quotes

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Sayings اقوال زریں

  • saayingsProsperity gains friends, but adversity tries them.
  • All is fair in love and war.
  • Hard work always pays.
  • Idleness is the root cause of all ills.
  • Handsome is that handsome does.
  • A divided house cannot stand.
  • Truth always wins.
  • Man is slave to his stomach.
  •  Experience teaches the unskilled.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Extolling/praising you at your face is Flattery.
  • Learning breeds controversy.
  • All are not alike.
  • Give a dog a bad name and hang him.
  • Truth is bitter.
  • Familiarity breeds contempt.
  • Courtesy costs nothing.
  • A base coin never runs.
  • Perseverance prevails.
  • Death pays all debts.
  • Every ass loves his bray.
  • Nothing is permanent in this world.

Conversation about Dealing, Business


Dealing لین دین

  • DealingKeep the accounts clear.
  • Now I'm square with you.
  • Has he paid your salary?
  • I don't have any cash.
  • I got duped by him.
  • There is a shortage of funds/cash.
  • He invested all the money in trade.
  • All the money has been spent.
  • I'll invest everything in the business.
  • Don't spend more than you earn.
  • How is your business going?
  • Can you lend me a hundred rupees?
  • Did you get your wages?
  • This is a base coin.
  • Advance money will have to be paid.
  • How much money can you spare for me?
  • Give the boys hundered rupees each.
  • Please count the money.
  • That's all, please make the bill.
  • Settle the wages.
  • I'm hard up/tight these days.
  • I have to pay several bills.
  • Well deposit all our money in the
  • How is the grain market?
  • How much is the cash in hand?
  • I am not after money.
  • Don't lend, for a loan often loses both itself and a friend.

Business تجارت

  • BusinessBusiness is flourishing these days.
  • What is your profession?
  • He is in the import-export trade.
  • Get the parcel delivered from the station.
  • Let us have a deal.
  • How many shareholders are there in this company?
  • I am under debt.
  • Money begets money.
  • Kindly give me hundred rupees in advance.
  • This checque is to be encashed.
  • How much is the bill?
  • How much does if cost?
  • How is he doing?
  • Are you in service or business?
  • Business is bad these days.
  • Do you have any dealings with him?
  • Are you in business?
  • We are brokers.
  • Have you sent an invoice for the goods?
  • Please arrange for the payment of my wages.
  • Post these letters.



Conversation about Recreation, Do’s, Don’ts

Recreation تفریح

  • Recreadtion 1She will wait for you at the cinema.
  • Is today's play worth seeing?
  • It was a sweet/melodious song.
  • Stamp collecting/philately is my hobby.
  • It was a very interesting story.
  • I used to go to see a film every Sunday.
  • I showed some of my stamps to Ali.
  • She can play the piano but not the violin.
  • We were listening to music.
  • The film 'Krish' will be released shortly.

Do's ایسا کیجئے

  • Do's 2Talk respectfully with elders.
  • Write as neatly as you can.
  • Chew your food properly.
  • Keep to the left.
  • Love your youngers.
  • Be hardworking./Cultivate the habit of working hard.
  • Brush your teeth after both the meals.
  • Hold firmly.
  • Obey your elders.
  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Go out for a walk in the mornings and evenings.
  • Sink your differences.
  • Patch up your disputes.
  • Mend your ways.
  • Stand up right, don't bend.
  • Always keep the idiots off.
  • Give due regard to your equals.
  • Be punctual and attentive.
  • Always shake hands with your right hand.
  • Handle a book with clean hands.

Don'ts ایسا مت کیجئے

  • Don't 3Don't waste your time.
  • Don't shirk work.
  • Don't disturb others.
  • Don't speak ill of others.
  • Don't sit idle.
  • Don't be in a hurry.
  • Don't depend upon others.
  • Don't go out barefooted.
  • Don't write anything on your books.
  • Don't steal others things.
  • Don't lose your balance.
  • Don't quarrel with others.
  • Don't pluck flowers.
  • Don't spit on the floor.
  • Don't laugh at others.
  • Don't turn the corners of the page.
  • Don't doze while working.

R=d end

Conversation about Travel

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Travel سفر

  • Travel 1Is this a direct train to Lahore?
  • Well reach in time.
  • We have lost our way.
  • The train is out of sight now.
  • I have to go to Multan.
  • Why did you come back so soon?
  • Where are you staying?
  • I am going to the station to receive them.
  • Is the Karachi express arriving on time?
  • The front wheel had less air.
  • We'll go together,
  • When does the Karachi express leave?
  • I'll accompany you to the station.
  • It's a long journey.
  • The tyre of the car burst.
  • It's no thorough fare.
  • Hurry up, otherwise you'll miss the train.
  • Have you bought the ticket.
  • I'll be in Lahore next week.
  • It is only ten minutes walk.
  •  I'll go to Lahore by the 9.00 train.
  • I am going to the station to see off my brother.
  • We went to the forest for hunting.
  • The road is closed for repairs.
  • They couldn't catch the train.
  • On which platform will the train arrive?
  • Hurry up please.
  • I'm fond of cycling.
  • I changed the train at Multan. .
  • How far is the railway station from here?
  • Travel 2The train has already reached the platform .
  • Is a taxi/cab available here.
  • The next station is Multan.
  • I'll go to some hill station, probably to Murree.
  • Hurry up, the train stops here for a short while.
  • The train is due at half past nine.
  • Crossing the railway tracks is  prohibited.
  • He will land in Karachi on Monday.
  • The porters are unloading the cargo.
  • we are traveling by the Karachi express.
  • There is still half an hour for the train to start.
  • I hired a horse.
  • This bogey is reserved for soldiers.
  • The booking office remains open twenty-four hours.
  • Our car broke down on the way.
  • Where will you spend your summer vacation this year?

Travel end

Conversation about Office, Things

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Office دفتر

  • OfficeThis is a National Bank checque.
  • He has resigned.
  • My watch has stopped.
  • Work pressure is very heavy these days.
  • I'll think over this matter.
  • Put up the notice on the notice-board.
  • Is the boss in?
  • Please sign here.
  • The head clerk is all in this office.
  • He didn't/couldn't get leave.
  • He has been warned.
  • My application has been accepted.
  • I want to make a call.
  • This clerk is a favourite of the officers.
  • This point was not touched.
  • I'll surely keep this in mind.
  • Type this letter fast.
  • His resignation has been accepted.
  • No smoking.
  • Can you make this graphic design on computer?
  • Is it late?
  • You are late by an hour.
  • What's the date today?
  • I'm very busy today.
  • Are you working in that office?
  • I follow all what you say.
  • Success has gone to his head.
  • She has joined today.
  • Is there any phone call for me?
  • What post do you hold?
  • I have fixed an appointment with the doctor at 5 o'clock.
  • It's better if you resign.
  • For how many days would you have to take leave?

 Things اشیاء

  • ThingsBring/get all these things.
  • Please give change.
  • Please carry your holdall.
  • Please have something cold.
  • Have to get my spectacles changed.
  • I need another blanket.
  • He is font of beautiful things.
  • Put the utensils back on the shelf.
  • The mirror was broken by me.
  • I have to get my furniture repaired.
  • I haven't seen your book.
  • He left his house with bag and baggage.
  • This is a very fine/nice; beautiful picture.
  • Pack these things/articles.
  • You have not shown me your photograph
  • Please deliver the goods at my hotel.
  • I want rice, pulses and curry.
  • You should travel light.
  • This cloth appears durable.
  • My watch has been sent for repairs.
  • I Get your room painted blue.
  • Have you got your house whitewashed?
  • This box is very heavy.


Conversation about Etiquette, Signals


Etiquette آداب محفل

  • EtiquatesPlease excuse me.
  • Please, don't bother.
  • May I say something.
  • Don't worry about me.
  • So kind/nice of you.
  • That will do/This/It is enough.
  • I'm at your service/disposal.
  • How can I help you?
  • Why did you trouble yourself?
  • This is sufficient.
  • Don't bother.
  • We are grateful to you.
  • No trouble at all.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Don't be formal.
  • It would be very kind of you.
  • Don't mind.
  • Please stay a little more.
  • We couldn't entertain you properly.
  • May I sit here?
  • Thanks for your help.
  • Regards to sisters and love to children!
  • No question of kindness,It would rather please me.
  • Please drop in sometime.
  • I'll feel highly obliged,if you get this work done.
  • With love and best wishes, Yours sincerely Zia.
  • Kindly excuse me for the trouble.
  • Please make yourself comfortable.
  • What can I do for you?
  • Thank you for your sensible/good advice.

  Signals نشانات/ارشارات

  • SignalsNo smoking.
  • Drive slowly
  • School ahead.
  • Road closed.
  • Dangerous turn ahead.
  • No parking here.
  • For ladies only.
  • Pull the chain.
  • No entrance.
  • Reserved.
  • Entrance.
  • Photography is prohibited.
  • No entry without permission.
  •  Waiting room.
  • To let.
  • Keep to the left.
  • Dogs not permitted.
  • Dead end ahead.
  • Tow Away Zone.
  • Cross from here.
  • Please stand in a queue.
  • Keep off the grass.
  • Heavy vehicles are not allowed.
  • w.c.'
  • Beware of dogs.
  • Exit.





Conversation about Character,Person & Age,Dress

Character کردار/چال چلن

  • CharacterNeither borrow nor lend.
  • You must come out with the truth./
    You must tell/speak the truth.
  • Who eats without earning is committing a theft.
  • There is great joy in selfless service.
  • An idle mind is a devil's workshop.
  • To rest is to rust.
  • Life is for others service.
  • Don't ask anything from anybody.
  • Neither deceive nor be deceived.
  • My conscience doesn't permit.
  • He has atoned for his sin.
  • The virtuous alone are happy.
  • She always keeps on talking.
  • She is very jealous of her sister.
  • We are sure of your honesty.
  • He pretends to know everything.
  • To get angry is to show weakness.
  • An idle man is as good as half-dead.

Person and Age شخصیت اورعمر

  • Person & AgePlease introduce yourself.
  • What is your age?/How old are you?
  • I have just completed eighteen.
  • You are older/younger than me.
  • Your name, please?/What is your good name?
  • How many brothers do you have?
  • How many sisters do you have?
  • Our eldest brother lives separately.
  • He is just a kid.
  • He looks aged.
  • He has grey hair.
  • Does she dye her hair?
  • Do you have a joint family?/
    Is yours a joint family?
  • Yes, it is.
  • You look younger than your age./
    You look young for your age.
  • My brother is sixteen years old.
  • I am a bachelor.
  • She is married.
  • She has only two daughters.
  • What is your father?/
    What does your father do?
  • He has retired from government service.

Dress لباس

  • DressPakistani women usually/mostly wear Shalwar qameez.
  • He was wearing a blue uniform.
  • It is a water-proof coat.
  • These dresses are for you.
  • Don't wear/put on wet clothes.
  • Wear old coat, buy a new book.
  • I will come after changing my clothes.
  • Nowadays the youth wear clothes of the latest fashion.
  • She was wearing/clad in a silk sari .
  • My clothes have gone to the laundry.
  • A man is judged by his clothes./ by the clothes he wears.
  • This dress is a little tight for me.
  • This coat is loose at the waist.
  • Do you have shirtings?
  • Yes, we have good suitings also.
  • My suit is different from yours./
    Your suit is not like mine.
  • His shirt is not like mine./similar to mine.
  • This cloth is twelve rupees a/per metre.
  • Please don't forget to wear a raincoat.
  • This cloth is extremely/very warm.


Conversation about Games, Animals


Games کھیل کود

  • Games 2Come, let's play.
  • Games are as important as studies.
  • I prefer walking to riding.
  • Our team has won.
  • Can you wield a lathi?
  • Ali is playing.
  • The game has started.
  • I am flying a kite.
  • We will play chess today.
  • Who won?
  • What games do you play?
  • Come, let's play cards.
  • Can I play badminton with your racquet?
  • Is your team also playing/taking part in
    the national football tournament?
  • I like rowing.
  • He plays regularly for the team.
  • You shuffle the cards and I'll cut.
  • Hope you are not hurt badly.
  • I sprained my ankle while jumping.
  • He has set a record in high jump.
  • He is a fast sprinter/racer.
  • Do they teach you exercise/gymnastics in your school.
  • Our school has a big playground.
  • Who is the captain of your baseball team.

Animals  جانور

  1. AnimalsQ. Which animal has horns?
    A. The cow.
  2. Q. Which animal pulls wagons?
    A. The cart-horse/mule.
  3. Q. Which animal has a long neck?
    A. The giraffe.
  4. Q. Which animal gives us wool?
    A. The sheep.
  5. Q. Which animal has a trunk?
    A. The elephant
  6. Q. Which animal is a cross between horse and donkey?
    A. The mule.
  7. Q. What do mules do?
    A. They carry load.
  8. Q. Which animal has a bushy tail?
    A. The squirrel has a bushy tail.
  9. Q. Which animal has a hump on its back?
    A. The camel.
  10. Q. Which animals give us milk?
    A. The cow, buffalo and goat.
  11. Q. Which animal barks?
    A. The dog.
  12. Q. Which insect lives in a hive?
    A. Bees.
  13. Q. Which are the beasts of prey?
    A. Lion, wolf, leopard etc.
  14. Q. Which. animal resembles human beings ?
    A. The ape.
  15. Q. Which insect weaves webs?
    A. The spider.
  16. Q. Which bird hoots at night?
    A. The owl.


 body bodily sister sisterly
 king kingly scholar scholarly
 man manly  father fatherly
woman womanly mother motherly


 dust dusty craft crafty
 sun sunny hand handy
 rain rainy breeze breezy
 greed greedy room roomy

Conversation about Weather


Weather موسم

  • WeatherIt kept drizzling throughout the night.
  • The sky is overcast.
  • It is very/terribly hot/cold today.
  • The heat has made me giddy.
  • Even an umbrella is useless in heavy rain.
  • It is getting colder day by day.
  • It is biting cold in Murree these days.
  • The lamp will go off/blow off because
    of strong wind, Let it remain inside.
  • Hot winds are blowing these days.
  • You are perspiring.
  • I am shivering.
  • I did not get drenched.
  • Its terribly dusty.
  • I hope the weather will remain pleasant.
  • There is a nip in the air.
  • A storm is raging outside.
  • Its raining heavily.
  • There was a hailstorm this morning./
    It hailed this morning.
  • Its very humid.
  • Its sultry.
  • The wind is almost still.
  • Cool wind is blowing.
  • The rain prevented me from going.