Conversation about Etiquette, Signals

Etiquette آداب محفل

  • EtiquatesPlease excuse me.
  • Please, don’t bother.
  • May I say something.
  • Don’t worry about me.
  • So kind/nice of you.
  • That will do/This/It is enough.
  • I’m at your service/disposal.
  • How can I help you?
  • Why did you trouble yourself?
  • This is sufficient.
  • Don’t bother.
  • We are grateful to you.
  • No trouble at all.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Don’t be formal.
  • It would be very kind of you.
  • Don’t mind.
  • Please stay a little more.
  • We couldn’t entertain you properly.
  • May I sit here?
  • Thanks for your help.
  • Regards to sisters and love to children!
  • No question of kindness,It would rather please me.
  • Please drop in sometime.
  • I’ll feel highly obliged,if you get this work done.
  • With love and best wishes, Yours sincerely Zia.
  • Kindly excuse me for the trouble.
  • Please make yourself comfortable.
  • What can I do for you?
  • Thank you for your sensible/good advice.

  Signals نشانات/ارشارات

  • SignalsNo smoking.
  • Drive slowly
  • School ahead.
  • Road closed.
  • Dangerous turn ahead.
  • No parking here.
  • For ladies only.
  • Pull the chain.
  • No entrance.
  • Reserved.
  • Entrance.
  • Photography is prohibited.
  • No entry without permission.
  •  Waiting room.
  • To let.
  • Keep to the left.
  • Dogs not permitted.
  • Dead end ahead.
  • Tow Away Zone.
  • Cross from here.
  • Please stand in a queue.
  • Keep off the grass.
  • Heavy vehicles are not allowed.
  • w.c.’
  • Beware of dogs.
  • Exit.


sad sadness good goodness
 ill illness great greatness
 thick thickness fat fatness


allow allowance pursue pursuance
ally alliance clear clearance