Conversation about Character,Person & Age,Dress

Character کردار/چال چلن

  • CharacterNeither borrow nor lend.
  • You must come out with the truth./
    You must tell/speak the truth.
  • Who eats without earning is committing a theft.
  • There is great joy in selfless service.
  • An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
  • To rest is to rust.
  • Life is for others service.
  • Don’t ask anything from anybody.
  • Neither deceive nor be deceived.
  • My conscience doesn’t permit.
  • He has atoned for his sin.
  • The virtuous alone are happy.
  • She always keeps on talking.
  • She is very jealous of her sister.
  • We are sure of your honesty.
  • He pretends to know everything.
  • To get angry is to show weakness.
  • An idle man is as good as half-dead.

Person and Age شخصیت اورعمر

  • Person & AgePlease introduce yourself.
  • What is your age?/How old are you?
  • I have just completed eighteen.
  • You are older/younger than me.
  • Your name, please?/What is your good name?
  • How many brothers do you have?
  • How many sisters do you have?
  • Our eldest brother lives separately.
  • He is just a kid.
  • He looks aged.
  • He has grey hair.
  • Does she dye her hair?
  • Do you have a joint family?/
    Is yours a joint family?
  • Yes, it is.
  • You look younger than your age./
    You look young for your age.
  • My brother is sixteen years old.
  • I am a bachelor.
  • She is married.
  • She has only two daughters.
  • What is your father?/
    What does your father do?
  • He has retired from government service.

Dress لباس

  • DressPakistani women usually/mostly wear Shalwar qameez.
  • He was wearing a blue uniform.
  • It is a water-proof coat.
  • These dresses are for you.
  • Don’t wear/put on wet clothes.
  • Wear old coat, buy a new book.
  • I will come after changing my clothes.
  • Nowadays the youth wear clothes of the latest fashion.
  • She was wearing/clad in a silk sari .
  • My clothes have gone to the laundry.
  • A man is judged by his clothes./ by the clothes he wears.
  • This dress is a little tight for me.
  • This coat is loose at the waist.
  • Do you have shirtings?
  • Yes, we have good suitings also.
  • My suit is different from yours./
    Your suit is not like mine.
  • His shirt is not like mine./similar to mine.
  • This cloth is twelve rupees a/per metre.
  • Please don’t forget to wear a raincoat.
  • This cloth is extremely/very warm.