Conversation on Topics

Attending a Wedding شادی کی تقریب When is the date for wedding? Where has the barat come from? Please accept this small/little gift. Do you have the dowry system? The wedding/party was very good. Where will the beret be going? I want to/would like to see the bride and groom. On the Playground کھیل کے … Read more

Conversation about Wise Quotes

Sayings اقوال زریں Prosperity gains friends, but adversity tries them. All is fair in love and war. Hard work always pays. Idleness is the root cause of all ills. Handsome is that handsome does. A divided house cannot stand. Truth always wins. Man is slave to his stomach.  Experience teaches the unskilled. Honesty is the … Read more

Conversation about Dealing, Business

Dealing لین دین Keep the accounts clear. Now I’m square with you. Has he paid your salary? I don’t have any cash. I got duped by him. There is a shortage of funds/cash. He invested all the money in trade. All the money has been spent. I’ll invest everything in the business. Don’t spend more … Read more

Conversation about Recreation, Do’s, Don’ts

Recreation تفریح She will wait for you at the cinema. Is today’s play worth seeing? It was a sweet/melodious song. Stamp collecting/philately is my hobby. It was a very interesting story. I used to go to see a film every Sunday. I showed some of my stamps to Ali. She can play the piano but … Read more

Conversation about Travel

Travel سفر Is this a direct train to Lahore? Well reach in time. We have lost our way. The train is out of sight now. I have to go to Multan. Why did you come back so soon? Where are you staying? I am going to the station to receive them. Is the Karachi express … Read more

Conversation about Office, Things

Office دفتر This is a National Bank checque. He has resigned. My watch has stopped. Work pressure is very heavy these days. I’ll think over this matter. Put up the notice on the notice-board. Is the boss in? Please sign here. The head clerk is all in this office. He didn’t/couldn’t get leave. He has … Read more

Conversation about Etiquette, Signals

Etiquette آداب محفل Please excuse me. Please, don’t bother. May I say something. Don’t worry about me. So kind/nice of you. That will do/This/It is enough. I’m at your service/disposal. How can I help you? Why did you trouble yourself? This is sufficient. Don’t bother. We are grateful to you. No trouble at all. I’m … Read more

Conversation about Character,Person & Age,Dress

Character کردار/چال چلن Neither borrow nor lend. You must come out with the truth./ You must tell/speak the truth. Who eats without earning is committing a theft. There is great joy in selfless service. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. To rest is to rust. Life is for others service. Don’t ask anything from … Read more

Conversation about Games, Animals

Games کھیل کود Come, let’s play. Games are as important as studies. I prefer walking to riding. Our team has won. Can you wield a lathi? Ali is playing. The game has started. I am flying a kite. We will play chess today. Who won? What games do you play? Come, let’s play cards. Can … Read more

Conversation about Weather

Weather موسم It kept drizzling throughout the night. The sky is overcast. It is very/terribly hot/cold today. The heat has made me giddy. Even an umbrella is useless in heavy rain. It is getting colder day by day. It is biting cold in Murree these days. The lamp will go off/blow off because of strong … Read more