Conversation about Games, Animals

Games کھیل کود

  • Games 2Come, let’s play.
  • Games are as important as studies.
  • I prefer walking to riding.
  • Our team has won.
  • Can you wield a lathi?
  • Ali is playing.
  • The game has started.
  • I am flying a kite.
  • We will play chess today.
  • Who won?
  • What games do you play?
  • Come, let’s play cards.
  • Can I play badminton with your racquet?
  • Is your team also playing/taking part in
    the national football tournament?
  • I like rowing.
  • He plays regularly for the team.
  • You shuffle the cards and I’ll cut.
  • Hope you are not hurt badly.
  • I sprained my ankle while jumping.
  • He has set a record in high jump.
  • He is a fast sprinter/racer.
  • Do they teach you exercise/gymnastics in your school.
  • Our school has a big playground.
  • Who is the captain of your baseball team.

Animals  جانور

  1. AnimalsQ. Which animal has horns?
    A. The cow.
  2. Q. Which animal pulls wagons?
    A. The cart-horse/mule.
  3. Q. Which animal has a long neck?
    A. The giraffe.
  4. Q. Which animal gives us wool?
    A. The sheep.
  5. Q. Which animal has a trunk?
    A. The elephant
  6. Q. Which animal is a cross between horse and donkey?
    A. The mule.
  7. Q. What do mules do?
    A. They carry load.
  8. Q. Which animal has a bushy tail?
    A. The squirrel has a bushy tail.
  9. Q. Which animal has a hump on its back?
    A. The camel.
  10. Q. Which animals give us milk?
    A. The cow, buffalo and goat.
  11. Q. Which animal barks?
    A. The dog.
  12. Q. Which insect lives in a hive?
    A. Bees.
  13. Q. Which are the beasts of prey?
    A. Lion, wolf, leopard etc.
  14. Q. Which. animal resembles human beings ?
    A. The ape.
  15. Q. Which insect weaves webs?
    A. The spider.
  16. Q. Which bird hoots at night?
    A. The owl.


 body  bodily  sister  sisterly
 king  kingly  scholar  scholarly
 man  manly   father  fatherly
woman  womanly  mother  motherly


 dust  dusty  craft  crafty
 sun  sunny  hand  handy
 rain  rainy  breeze  breezy
 greed  greedy  room  roomy