Conversation about Weather

Weather موسم

  • WeatherIt kept drizzling throughout the night.
  • The sky is overcast.
  • It is very/terribly hot/cold today.
  • The heat has made me giddy.
  • Even an umbrella is useless in heavy rain.
  • It is getting colder day by day.
  • It is biting cold in Murree these days.
  • The lamp will go off/blow off because
    of strong wind, Let it remain inside.
  • Hot winds are blowing these days.
  • You are perspiring.
  • I am shivering.
  • I did not get drenched.
  • Its terribly dusty.
  • I hope the weather will remain pleasant.
  • There is a nip in the air.
  • A storm is raging outside.
  • Its raining heavily.
  • There was a hailstorm this morning./
    It hailed this morning.
  • Its very humid.
  • Its sultry.
  • The wind is almost still.
  • Cool wind is blowing.
  • The rain prevented me from going.
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right rightly wrong wrongly
honest honestly efficient efficiently
bad badly kind kindly
intelligent intelligently calm calmly
glad gladly able ably
aimless aimlessly humble humbly