Conversation on Topics

Attending a Wedding شادی کی تقریب

  • WeddingWhen is the date for wedding?
  • Where has the barat come from?
  • Please accept this small/little gift.
  • Do you have the dowry system?
  • The wedding/party was very good.
  • Where will the beret be going?
  • I want to/would like to see the bride and groom.

On the Playground کھیل کے میدان میں

  • PlaygroundWhich teams are playing the match?
  • What games do you like?
  • Who is that player?
  • When will the match start?
  • Who won the match yesterday?
  • I want to see a cricket match today.

In the Cinema سینما میں

  • CinemaPlease give me a ticket for the balcony.
  • Which film/movie is running in this cinema hall?
  • At what time/when will the film start?
  • Who are all acting in this movie?
    What is the cast in this movie?
  • Is this a good movie?

In the Tourist Office دفتر سیاحت میں

  • Tourist officeI want a tourist guide. Where will I get one?
  • Where should I stay in Lahore?
  • Which are the worth seeing places in this city?
  • I liked Lahore a lot.
  • I would like to see/visit the Khawara cave.
  • What’s the best transport to Karachi- train or bus?

 With the Doctor ڈاکٹر سے

  • DoctorI have some temperature/fever and also cough.
  • Cut down on sugar and salt.
  • Your blood pressure is normal.
  • How many times a day should I take this medicine?
  • You should keep a monthly record of your weight.
  • What all can I eat?
  • You should eat lots of green vegetables.
  • There is no consultation fee./
    We don’t charge the patients anything.
  • This is a free dispensary./
    Medical care is free here/in this hospital./
  • Where should/does one go for X-ray?
    Where is the X-ray department?

In the Hotel ہوٹل میں

  • HotelIs there any room available in this hotel?
  • Please send my visitors to my room .
  • I am going out for an hour (or so).
  • What do you charge for a single/double bedroom?
  • Please send my breakfast/lunch/dinner in my room.
  • Take my baggage/luggage to room no 6 please.
  • The laundry-man hasn’t come yet.
  • Was there a call for me?
  • Is there any letter for me?
  • Get me some hot/cold water.

With the servant ملازم سے

  • servantWake me up at live o’clock.
  • Are the clothes back from the laundry?
  • Get some vegetables from the market.
  • Is the food/lunch/dinner ready?
  • Go and post this letter.
  • Get the stuff/things from the Co-operative store.
  • Make me a cup of tea.

General Topics عام موضوعات

  • Genera 1Can I borrow a pen from you?
  • You cannot correct the mistakes.
  • They will study German besides English.
  • Who is taller of the two girls?
  • Most of the people would agree with it.
  • She goes to church on Sunday.
  • Will you speak to her if she comes?
  • I’ll attend the meeting.
  • We will collect/get/gather more information.
  • It is very hot here in the summer.
  • The unfortunate/poor man was shot dead.
  • He resembles his mother.
  • Has the one who won the match.
  • I bought this book for three hundered rupees.
  • The murderer was caught and hanged.
  • I got/received nine hundred rupees.
  • I go for a walk in the morning.
  • I m determined to go.
  • You came home later than I.
  • I have made up my mind to send him.
  • Will you please lend me your pen for a while?
  • Karachi is farther than Lahore.
  • The meeting will start early.
  • I went to bed early last night but couldn’t sleep.
  • When do you go to bed?
  • Does she keep her money in the bank?
  • It is too hot here to play hockey.
  • We hung the picture on the wall.
  • General 2His work was quite disappointing.
  • I’ll be glad to get rid of hire.
  • Your coat is not like mine.
  • The number of students is decreasing.
  • Lend me a hand.
  • He will always honour his word.
  • This lawyer has many clients.
  • Silver is a precious metal.
  • This book took me one hour and a half./
  • I read this book in one and a half hour.
  • My mother gave me a good piece of advice.
  • Her wages are low.
  • Are you spying on me?
  • We will eat fish/chicken at dinner tomorrow.
  • This keyboard is not functioning well.
  • Rani has long hair.
  • I don’t have enough fruit.
  • Do you want to buy two dozen bananas?
  • Many students are absent today.
  • She is a touch-roe-not.
  • Here is a sheep and there is a deer.
  • The shepherd has twenty sheep and two deer.
  • Why don’t you listen to me?
  • Salma and Zanib are coming here.
  • The latter is situated by the sea.
  • This grocer has goad business.
  • Lahore and Karachi are big cities.
  • This floppy is virus-infected.
  • You have done wonders/marvels.
  • I asked her whether she was going  the market or not.