Conversation about Dealing, Business

Dealing لین دین

  • DealingKeep the accounts clear.
  • Now I’m square with you.
  • Has he paid your salary?
  • I don’t have any cash.
  • I got duped by him.
  • There is a shortage of funds/cash.
  • He invested all the money in trade.
  • All the money has been spent.
  • I’ll invest everything in the business.
  • Don’t spend more than you earn.
  • How is your business going?
  • Can you lend me a hundred rupees?
  • Did you get your wages?
  • This is a base coin.
  • Advance money will have to be paid.
  • How much money can you spare for me?
  • Give the boys hundered rupees each.
  • Please count the money.
  • That’s all, please make the bill.
  • Settle the wages.
  • I’m hard up/tight these days.
  • I have to pay several bills.
  • Well deposit all our money in the
  • How is the grain market?
  • How much is the cash in hand?
  • I am not after money.
  • Don’t lend, for a loan often loses both itself and a friend.

Business تجارت

  • BusinessBusiness is flourishing these days.
  • What is your profession?
  • He is in the import-export trade.
  • Get the parcel delivered from the station.
  • Let us have a deal.
  • How many shareholders are there in this company?
  • I am under debt.
  • Money begets money.
  • Kindly give me hundred rupees in advance.
  • This checque is to be encashed.
  • How much is the bill?
  • How much does if cost?
  • How is he doing?
  • Are you in service or business?
  • Business is bad these days.
  • Do you have any dealings with him?
  • Are you in business?
  • We are brokers.
  • Have you sent an invoice for the goods?
  • Please arrange for the payment of my wages.
  • Post these letters.


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