Narration Exercise | 20 Practice Exercise with Answers:

Here in this topic, Narration Exercise we learn how to change the direct narration into an indirect narration. So let’s start the topic with the definition of narration.


Narration may be defined as the oral or written method of delivering a story to the audience.

Narration Exercise

Narration is a literary device used in fiction to tell the story of the plot and setting of the story through the first-person point of view of one of the characters.

Sentence in English, Types, Structure, and examples of sentences

The narration has long been considered one of the best ways to engage and tell stories, so it’s no surprise that it’s used in all kinds of media, such as books, movies, theatre, and more.

A good narration device can be used to explain situations and events to the reader, or even to allow them to follow along with the plot as it happens by writing in chronological order. Read more

Narration Exercise:

Questions: 1-20 

  1. I say, “I am a teacher.”
  2. I say, “You are a good girl.”
  3. I say, “The place is amazing.”
  4. I say, “She was my junior in my college”.
  5. We say, “We all love our village.”
  6. He says, “I don’t know.”
  7. She says, “I was a cricketer.”
  8. You say, “Mr. Sam teaches us English.”
  9. I said, “Sam does something wrong.”
  10. I said, “I hate you.”
  11. We said, “You are an imposter.”
  12. You said, “I am a boy.”
  13. You said, “Reading is my hobby.”
  14. He said, “Sam is a kind man.”
  15. He said, “They are my enemies.”
  16. Sara said, “Badminton is my favorite game.”
  17. I said to my mom, “I don’t like tea.”
  18. You said to me, “I am thirsty.”
  19. He said to you, “you are so funny.”
  20. My father said to me, “Go home.”

Narration Exercise answers: 1- 20

  1. I say that I am a teacher.
  2. I say that you are a good girl.
  3. I say that the place is amazing.
  4. I say that she was my junior in my college.
  5. We say that we all love our village.
  6. He said that he doesn’t know.
  7. He says that he was a cricketer.
  8. You say that Mr. Sam teaches us English.
  9. I said Sam did something wrong.
  10. I said that I hate you.
  11. We said that you were an imposter.
  12. You said that you were a boy.
  13. You said that reading is your hobby.
  14. He said that Sam is a kind man.
  15. He said that they were his enemies.
  16. Sara said that badminton was her favorite game.
  17. I told my mom that I don’t like tea.
  18. You told me that you were thirsty.
  19. He told you that you were so funny.
  20. My father ordered me to go home.