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What is a declarative sentence?

Declarative sentence is a type of sentence that is used for making a statement, providing facts, offering an explanation, or conveying some information. 

It simply tells the truth about something and does not require any response from the listener or reader; it’s a statement of fact.


This sentence type is one of the four basic sentence types, along with interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.

A declarative sentence expresses a simple statement about something in the real world; it does not ask questions, give commands, or make any other kind of statement.

It usually begins with a capital letter and ends with either a period or an exclamation point, depending on whether the statement being made is definite or not.

Declarative sentence

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Types of Declarative Sentences:

There are two main types:

  1. Simple declarative sentence.
  2. Compound declarative sentence.

Simple Declarative:

This type of sentence is a very simple sentence. This type of sentence is consisting of a subject and a predicate.

 Some examples of sentences are given below that make your concept clearer.

  • My cat is brown.
  • Eliza is beautiful.
  • This is my house.
  • It is a rainy day.
  • My mom is ill.

Compound Declarative:

This type of sentence joins two related phrases with the help of a comma or a conjunction. Such as yet, or, but, besides, however, therefore, these phrases can be joined by semicolons.

 Some examples of compound declarative sentences are given below that make your concept clearer. Read more

  • English is my favorite subject, but my sister really likes mathematics.
  • I love mountains but I have no time to go there.
  • I want to lose weight, yet I eat ice cream daily.

Example Sentences of Declarative Sentence:

  • I love my country.
  • Eliza is a beautiful girl.
  • My favorite subject is English.
  •  Mom cut the meat with a knife.
  • Sam is an honest man.
  • He plays cricket but she loves football.
  • A dog is sleeping on the bed.
  • Our class having a party on Monday.
  • She’s back from college.
  • The sky is blue.