Sentence in English, Types, Structure, and examples of sentences

What is a sentence?
The combination of many words that give a complete sense is called a sentence.
The sentence gives us a complete sense, and starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop, question mark, or a sign of exclamation.
The combinations of words that fail to give a complete sense is not a sentence.
For example:
Ali is an honest man.
This sentence gives us a complete sense.


There are four main types of sentences in English, these are as under.

  1. Declarative sentence
  2. Imperative sentence
  3. Interrogatory sentences
  4. Exclamatory sentence 

We are going to discuss all types one by one.

Declarative sentences

These types of sentences rely on the information. Some kinds of information are used in this type of sentences For example;
Ali is a very intelligent teacher.

Imperative sentences

In this type of sentence, a person tells something to do to another person. It may be friendly advice, basic instructions, or forceful commands.

For example:
Don’t waste your time.
It’s an example of a friendly advice, you can give to your friend.

Exclamatory sentences

These types of sentences are used for expressing strong emotions. Sign of exclamation(!) is used at the end of these types of sentences.
Sometimes it shows anger, happiness, and sorrows, etc.

For example;
Hurrah! We have won the match.
It expresses happiness.
Alas! We have lost the match.
It expresses sorrow.

Interrogative sentences

These types of sentences are used for interrogation or we can say that use for asking questions.
For example;
Would you like to take tea?