English speaking lesson 9

Model Verbs in English

Use of Can

    1. Iram: Can you play the sitar?
    1. Hina: Yes, I can play the flute as well.
    1. Iram: Can you return my books?
    1. Hina: No, I can’t return them yet.
    1. Iram: Can you read Sanskrit? 
  1. Hina: Yes. I can.

Use of May

    1. Student: May I come in Sir?
    1. Teacher: Yes, you may.
    1. Student: May I attend Bal Sabha, Sir?
    1. Teacher: Yes, with great pleasure./Of course.
    1. Student: Sir, may I accompany Suresh?
  1. Teacher: No,You better finish your work first.

Use of Could

    1. Ahmad: Could you do this work alone?
    1. Aamir: No, I couldn’t
    1. Ahmad: Could she help you in time?
    1. Aamir: Yes, she could.
    1. Ahmad: Could you bring me a glass of water?
  1. Aamir: With pleasure.

Use of Might/ Must/ Ought(to)/ Would/ Should

    1. Sohan might have helped him.
    1. He might have come here.
    1. I must attend his marriage.
    1. We ought to love our youngers.
    1. I must reach home by 10 o’clock.
    1. Would you post this letter please?
  1. You should attend the classes more regularly.


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