English speaking lesson 8

Simple Present Tense in Conversation

simple present tense

Note: In this lesson we are not going to teach you grammar in detail. Here you will learn only Present tense example sentences used in conversation. If your willing to read grammar  in detail, go to our grammar section.

Use of Does/Do 

  1. Ahmad: Do you study English?
  2. Afya :  Yes, I do.
  3. Ahmad : Does Amna come to your house?
  4. Afya : Yes, she comes sometimes.
  5. Ahmad : Do other friends also come to you?
  6. Afya : Yes, they do.
  7. Ahmad : Do you stay in Mumbai?
  8. Afya : No, I stay in Multan.

Use of Is/Am/Are

  1. Salma: Is this the book you are looking for?
  2. Amina : Yes, this is it.
  3. Salma: Is Rubi watching a movie?
  4. Amina: No, she is playing a video game.
  5. Salma : Are you not going to market now?
  6. Amina:No, I am not.
  7. Salma : Is your father in government service?
  8. Amina : No, he is a businessman.
  9. Salma: Is your brother preparing for some examination?
  10. Amina : Yes, he is preparing for the I.A.S. examination.

Use of Has/ Have

  1. Aamir: Have you written any letter to Rani?
  2. Amjad: Yes. I have.
  3. Aamir: Has she replied to your letter?
  4. Amjad: No, she hasn’t.
  5. Aamir: Haveyou taken your meals?
  6. Amjad: No, I had a heavy breakfast in the morning. 
  7. Aamir: Did you go to his place?
  8. Amjad: No, I have yet to go.

Use of Has been/Have been

  1. Afya: What have you been doing since morning?
  2. Amina: I have been reading this book.
  3. Afya: Has it been raining here also since yesterday?
  4. Amina: Yes, it has been, but not continuously.
  5. Afya: Has the water been boiling for long?
  6. Amina: No, it has been boiling only for a little time.
  7. We have been living in this house for ten years.
  8. He has been working on a new project since January.