Pronouns and its types

“Pronouns” is the word used instead noun to stop the repetition of Noun.

word pronoun originally means “instead of name.” Any word that is used instead
of a noun is called pronoun.
Types of pronoun:

Pronoun Chart


1st Person (S) Me my mine myself
1st Person (P) We Us Our ours over selves
2nd Person You you yours yours yourself
3rd Person (S) He him his his himself
She her her hers herself
It  it its not used itself
3rd Person (P) They  them their theirs themselves
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“Personal pronouns” are words to use instead of the name of the people,
animals, plants, and things to avoid repetition.
called personal pronoun because it has the people to do or what people are
communicating about. Examples of personal pronouns are: I, we, he, she,
it, it, us, her, them.

Entity shape of the personal pronoun

“Subject form of the personal pronoun” is a special form of the personal
pronoun, which describes someone or something that performs something in a

Examples of subjects in the form of personal pronouns:

  • I want to go to the amusement park.
  • We will paint the boat.
  • You can borrow the bike.
  • You can come to the party.
  • He bought a dog.
  • She wanted to get married soon.
  • It’s really nice.
  • It needs to be painted.
  • the (ruling) They (they)
    wanted to rest soon.
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“They” are mostly used in spoken language.