English speaking lesson 28

Trasformation of sentences 1



  1. Nobody/No one can bear such an insult.
  2. No one can bear such an insult.
  3. Health is more precious than wealth.
  4. They enjoyed at the party.
  5. Well never be able to forget these good days.
  1. Can anybody/anyone bear such an insult?
  2. Who can bear such an insult?
  3. Is not health more precious than wealth?
  4. Did they not enjoy at the party?
  5. Shall we ever forget these good days?



  1. It was a beautiful scene/lovely sight.
  2. It is a bitterly/terribly cold night!
  3. We live/lead a very hard life!
  1. What a beautiful scene/lovely sight it was!
  2. What a cold night it is!
  3. What a hard life we live/lead!



  1. Please open the door.
  2. Please have a cup of milk.
  3. Please keep quiet.
  1. Will you please open the door?
  2. Will you please have a cup of milk?
  3. Will you please keep quiet?



  1. Ali is as tall as Ahmad.
  2. Very few cities in Pakistan/our country are as big as Karachi.
  3. No other man was as strong as Ali.
  1. Ahmad is not taller than Ali.
  2. Karachi is bigger than most other cities in Pakistan/our country.
  3. All was stronger than any other man.



  1. Shah Wali Ullah was one of the most popular/famous saints in Pakistan.
  1. Very few Pakistani saints were as popular/famous as Shah Wali Ullah.



  1. Man is mortal.
  2. Abida is more intelligent than Sonia.
  3. Where there is hard work, there is gain.
  4. He always pays attention to her daily/routine work.
  5. Scarcely had I reached the station when the train left.
  1. No man is immortal.
  2. Sonia is not as intelligent as Abida.
  3. There is no gain without hard work.
  4. She never neglects her daily/routine work.
  5. No sooner had I reached the station than the train left.

Trasformation of sentences 2